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President at a cabinet session:

This year, 170 trillion tomans of projects will be put into operation in industry and mines; 65 trillion tomans in roads and urban development/ Good 100-day record of medical staff, Iranian nation in fighting coronavirus to remain in history

Presenting figures on the process of rapid development of the country, despite the illegal sanctions of the enemies, the President emphasised that 3,900 projects will be put into operation this year with 31 trillion tomans of credits in this field.

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Sun 31 - Mai 2020 - 20:02

Speaking in the cabinet session on Sunday evening, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "By the end of this year, projects worth about 170 trillion tomans in industry and mines and 65 trillion tomans in road and urban development will be put into operation".

Dr Rouhani said that these conditions show that despite the many hardships caused by the sanctions, our people must be absolutely encouraged and confident regarding how the country is managed.

The President also paid tribute to the name and memory of the great founder of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (RA) and June 5, and emphasised, "Throughout the entire leadership of Imam Khomeini (RA), his careful planning and architecture to advance the movement and system of the Islamic Republic of Iran can be clearly seen, and I hope that all of us can remain faithful to the path of Imam Khomeini and follow his path until the end of our lives"

Dr Rouhani stated, "The election of the rightful successor to Imam Khomeini (RA) in less than 24 hours after his demise by the Assembly of Experts, disturbed the enemies' sleep and shattered their predictions".

In another part of his speech, the President pointed out that 100 days have passed since coronavirus found in the country and compared Iran's statistics, figures, economic situation and coronavirus effects on the economy with the problems of some developed countries in the world, saying, "Today, 100 days after the time we started fighting and resisting this dangerous virus, we are witnessing a good 100-day record of the medical staff and the people of Iran in the fight against coronavirus, and this will remain in history".

Dr Rouhani said that if there are still difficult conditions in some provinces, we will definitely overcome these difficult conditions with the help of the people, adding, "Scientific statistics, including the number of hospitalisations, the number of people who died during this period and those who were treated show the good record of the medical staff and the nation in history".

"Our country is protected against all kinds of conspiracies under the educated leadership of our nation and country," continued President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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