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At the session of cabinet’s economic board:

President stresses people’s right to choosing how they manage their Justice Shares/ Stressing improving production quality, transparency, making car prices real

The Government’s Economic Board convened on Sunday in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, in which the banking system of the country was required to provide the necessary conditions for allocating credits to Justice Share owners.

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Sun 31 - Mai 2020 - 14:34

During the session, after receiving a report by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance on the progress of releasing Justice shares, President Hassan Rouhani emphasised on the right of people to choose consciously and how to manage justice shares, and said that the necessary conditions should be met in this regard.

Also at the meeting, the caretaker of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade also reported on the situation of the automotive industry and its important role in creating jobs, according to which the trend of car production in the second half of last year and the first two months of this year has increased.

The caretaker of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade also reported on the impact of the ministry's measures on price management in the car market and combatting rent-seeking, and in this regard, the President stressed the need to strengthen and grow domestic car production, as well as improving technology and domestic production quality.

He went on to emphasise the need to make processes transparent and make car prices real.

The need to harmonise car production and sales policy with environmental considerations by replacing new cars with old ones was another topic discussed at the meeting of the government's economic coordination board.

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