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President’s instructions to the vice-president for legal affairs regarding key gov’t bills

The president gave the Vice-President of Legal Affairs a special mission to advance government’s important bills, including the Security and Violence against Women Bill, the Transparency and Interest Conflict Management Bill, the National Human Rights and Citizenship Bill, and the Civil Liability Bill of Public Institutions.

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Sat 30 - Mai 2020 - 16:28

Dr Hassan Rouhani instructed the Vice-President of Legal Affairs to work closely with the Vice-Presidency for Women's Affairs and the Ministry of Justice to carefully address the problems raised by the legal community and women's studies experts regarding changes in the judiciary regarding the bill to ensure women's security against violence and address the shortcomings of the bill, and provide the conditions for the adoption of an effective and efficient law on ensuring the security of women and the prohibition of violence.

Emphasising the importance of his own responsibility in implementing the constitution and citizens’ rights, the president called on the legal vice-president to prepare a report on monitoring the implementation of the constitution and civil rights by the end of the year.

In a phone call with the Vice-President for Legal Affairs, he stressed the need to advance the government's priority bills, remove possible obstacles in the way of approval and implementation of these bills, and said, "With regard to the beginning of the new parliament, we must work harder and act faster to send important and priority bills to the parliament for approval and implementation in cooperation with the parliament, and the cases that are still under consideration in the government should be sent to the Council of Ministers for approval by speeding up the process of government committees.

Dr Rouhani also called on the vice-president to conduct thorough and expert investigations and provide expert opinions to the lawyers, remove existing barriers to important bills being considered by the government, including the Women's Security Bill, and amendments made by lawyers to finalise the work process. 

He also instructed that regarding the bills sent to the parliament, with the necessary consultations and the cooperation of the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly with the cooperation of the Vice-President for Parliamentary Affairs, the ground for the approval of these important and necessary bills for the society must be provided as soon as possible.

The President also stressed the need for closer coordination and closer monitoring of the progress of important international and domestic disputes, and said that the Vice-Presidency for Legal Affairs should cooperate with all relevant agencies to monitor the proceedings and take the necessary legal action.

Code: 115628

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