sonntag 12 April 2015 - 22:43
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President in a phone call with energy minister:

Gheyzaniyeh water issue must be continuously pursued by the Minister/ Planning to expedite the operation of the country's water and electricity projects/ Emphasis on providing agricultural water resources with the aim of increasing crop production and fulfilling the slogan of Surge in Production

Referring to the previous instructions given to the Minister of Energy and the Governor-General of Khuzestan from the moment that the water problem arose in Gheyzaniyeh, the President once again instructed the Minister of Energy to personally pursue finding a complete and quick solution to the water problem in the area, so that a definite solution to the problem is found by the end of the current month

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Fri 29 - Mai 2020 - 18:04

In phone call with the Minister of Health and Medical Education on Friday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said that the plans will be such that in the future we will not see such problems in the field of drinking water supply anywhere in the country, especially in Khuzestan Province.

Referring to the minister's report on planning to inaugurate 250 projects in this field worth 50 trillion tomans across the country, the President appreciated the efforts made by the Ministry of Energy regarding the country's water and electricity projects, emphasising planning for faster inauguration of these projects.

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