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Dr Rouhani at the meeting of heads of coronavirus task force specialised committees:

We need to educate people to live an active life while fighting coronavirus/ Country's economy is closely linked to health protocols/ By following health protocols, we can vaccinate ourselves against the disease

Emphasising that the country's economy is fully related to the observance of health protocols, the President said, "According to reports on the outbreak of the disease in the country and even in the world, everyone should be ready to live with this virus and define our lifestyle with permanent fight against this disease".

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Thu 28 - Mai 2020 - 17:50

Speaking on Thursday at the meeting of chairmen of specialised committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, Dr Hassan Rouhani said that the disease should not cause permanent harm to people's lives, adding, "Rather, the reopening process should be such that we return to the natural course of life".

The president added, "This situation means that people will be taught how and under what conditions they can create normal living conditions and maintain their health against the disease".

Dr Rouhani continued, "In the future, we must prepare and educate \ people for a normal life together with the simultaneous fight against COVID-19 and coronavirus".

Emphasising that our people should know that prosperity and returning to the bright economic situation are fully related to the observance of health protocols, the President said, "Even today that we have returned to the previous state of trade with other countries, it is because of the fact that we and other countries have defined and adhered to health protocols".

Dr Rouhani continued, "Today, the restrictions are being lifted step by step and gradually, and the principle of strict observance of health protocols will replace the restrictions".

Stating that coronavirus is not over yet, the President said, "Fortunately, the process of combatting the disease in the country is acceptable, and this is because of the efforts of medical staff and other officials in the specialised committees of the National Task Force  for Fighting Coronavirus and, of course, people's cooperation".

Dr Rouhani said that until the discovery of the coronavirus vaccine, we should vaccinate ourselves with health protocols related to the disease".

"For various businesses and workshops, long-term health protocols must be communicated and care and supervision procedures must be defined," he said.

Dr Rouhani added, "This awareness-raising and institutionalisation of guidelines should continue until autumn, which, according to the predictions of international organisations and domestic experts, indicates a special situation for the flu and coronavirus, and people should be prepared to do so".

The President stressed, "There is a need for specialised committees to prepare people to coexist with coronavirus, prioritising and considering target groups, effective measures and strict monitoring of protocols".

Dr Rouhani further specified, "The issue of commuting and intra-city transportation and observing the restricted traffic zones in big cities, especially Tehran, with the coordination between Tehran Municipality and the country's medical officials, was decided by approving a resolution in the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus".

The President continued, "The Security and Social Committee has also prepared a resolution to increase the working hours of shopping malls by conducting studies, as well as the reopening of mosques, considering the successful experience of holding Laylat al-Qadr ceremonies and Eid al-Fitr prayers, in accordance with health protocols".

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