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President at cabinet session:

Gov’t, Majlis duty in current tough state to cooperate for resolving issues/ We want to have strong ties with Majlis/ Trade between Iran and a friendly country not US business at all/ We will manage this year’s budget without borrowing from CBI/ All public sectors must sell their shares in stock market

President described cooperation for resolving issues in the current difficult conditions as the responsibility of the government and the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stressing that the government and the parliament should cooperate with each other to resolve people’s problems.

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Wed 27 - Mai 2020 - 14:20

Speaking on Wednesday at the session of the Council of Ministers, President Hassan Rouhani said, "Majlis representatives, regardless of the faction and political thought they belong to, know well what conditions the country is in now, and our responsibility as the government is to work with the Parliament for resolving people’s problems”.

Judging the parliament a few months before it takes place is an inaccurate presumption, he said, adding, "The electoral model in the country is such that we are almost always in elections, which has made things a bit harder. The factions and parties have to compete, and if this competition is healthy, it will contribute to the stability of the government and society”.

The President emphasised, "I believe that in the current situation of the country, there is no tolerance for verbal war; However, in addition to the spread of a contagious disease, we also face severe sanctions; The Americans also want to interfere in the normal trade between Iran and a friendly country in carrying an oil product, and this is something that has nothing to do with them and is not compatible with any law”.

Dr Rouhani added, "If there was no unity within the country between the government, other branches and the armed forces, the Americans might have succeeded in their aggression and another Gibraltar in the Caribbean, but unity and solidarity prevented such a thing from happening".

The President continued, "In these months, despite the difficulties that people faced, unity, cooperation, people's support, self-sacrifice and devotion of the country's medical sector and the cooperation of the armed forces to help the people had many positive effects".

Referring to the achievements of the medical staff, the support of the people, the country's management and the hard work of producers in various sectors in recent months, Dr Rouhani said, "Today, there is a great transformation in cyberspace and a powerful cyberspace in the country, which makes it easy for us to get things done without leaving home, including banking and shopping”.

The President added, "The work of teaching and learning of students has easily continued with the use of cyberspace these days, and we hope that this cyberspace will become more developed and powerful".

Dr Rouhani said that one of the important tasks of the government is to complete the e-government by the end of the year, adding, "Fortunately, good steps have been taken in this direction and tomorrow offices related to the development of cyberspace will be opened in the country”.

"This trend could help us control the disease in the future," he said, referring to the impact of cyberspace development and e-health records on treatment and screening.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "As I said at the inauguration ceremony of the 11th parliament, our proposal for this one year is coordination and victory, and we want to have a very strong ties with the parliament”.

Referring to the outbreak of coronavirus, the President said, "Despite these conditions, according to the report of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance the export of our essentials grew by 21 percent in weight and accounted for $1.7 billion in foreign exchange compared to last year”.

Dr Rouhani added, "People can be confident that the government's economic sector will make every effort to export goods, import foreign currency into the country and distribute goods fairly to the target sectors”.

Pointing out that it is not easy to finance the country this year, given the situation we are in, the president said, "With the good planning that has been done, we will be able to implement this year's budget well without borrowing from the central bank".

Dr Rouhani added, "Apart from the tax and revenue sector, we will also have an active stock market, and all government departments must sell their shares in the stock market in order to strengthen the stock market".

Stating that the central bank's move to anticipate and target inflation is very important, President Rouhani said, "The central bank plays a key role in controlling inflation and creating financial discipline in the country”.

Pointing out that the country's non-oil exports had problems in the first two months of this year due to the spread of coronavirus, the President said, "Fortunately, this disease is somewhat controlled in our country and the region and the borders are gradually opening and export is being carried out".

Expressing hope that we will see the control of coronavirus in the country in the future by observing health protocols, Dr Rouhani said, "Of course, we must continue to follow the instructions and maintain the distance as long as the country's health officials emphasise it".

Referring to the inauguration of the 11th round of the parliament today, the President said, "Judging the parliament a few months before its inauguration is an inaccurate presumption”.

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