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Dr Rouhani in a phone call with the Governor-General of Khuzestan:

Cooperation among executive and health managers of province imperative for controlling coronavirus faster/ Emphasis on intensifying supervisory measures, strict observance of health protocols/ Increasing consultation and efforts of provincial authorities to strengthen trade with neighbouring countries

The President stressed the need for stepping up cooperation and efforts of the executive and health managers of Khuzestan province to control the number of coronavirus cases in the province faster, and said, "If health protocols are not observed carefully and the spread of coronavirus increases, in addition to endangering public health, it will resume restrictions, which will cause a lot of economic damage to Khuzestan.

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Sun 24 - Mai 2020 - 19:03

Dr Hassan Rouhani spoke with the Governor-General of Khuzestan on Sunday to learn about the latest state of COVID-19 spread in the province and the measures taken by the provincial anti-coronavirus task force in Khuzestan.

During the phone call, which lasted for nearly an hour, Dr Rouhani stressed the need for officials and health specialists to provide information and awareness to the people of the province, adding, "Giving precise and correct information, observing health protocols and applying smart social distancing rules among the people can play an important role in controlling the growth of the number of patients".

Calling on the people of the province to work with officials as well as health professionals to fully comply with health protocols, the president said, "It is only by adhering to health principles and smart social distancing rules that coronavirus outbreak can be stopped, otherwise we will have increasing number of patients, which may lead to the resumption of some restrictions in the province".

The President was also briefed about the state of agricultural products due to the good rainfall in the spring and expressed satisfaction with the increase in wheat production in the province compared to last year, specifying, "Farmers and wheat farmers in Khuzestan have played an important role in the country's self-sufficiency in terms of wheat production".

Referring to the report received from the Ministry of Energy on the state of the country's water resources, Dr Rouhani emphasised, "I have instructed the Ministry of Energy to consider the issue of rice cultivation in Khuzestan province for this year with a positive view".

The President also stressed that Khuzestan province, as one of the border provinces, is of great importance for the country and has great potential for trade and the exchange of goods with neighbouring countries, emphasising, "The high-level management of the province should step up efforts and consultations with neighbouring countries for the development of trade cooperation and border exchanges with observing health protocols".

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