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President at the meeting of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination:

Dr Larijani has been a valuable figure in the system since the beginning of the revolution/ Dr Larijani will certainly be active in other fields as in the past

At the end of the 50th session of the Supreme Council for Economic Coordination on Saturday evening, the President praised the active and valuable presence of Dr Ali Larijani and representatives of the parliament in these meetings, and said, "Mr Larijani was actively present in these meetings and gave very good comments in various fields, and I would like to thank him and the two members of parliament who helped us in these meetings".

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Sat 23 - Mai 2020 - 23:36

Dr Hassan Rouhani stated that Dr Larijani has been one of the valuable figures of the system since the beginning of the revolution, and said, "In various positions such as the IRIB, parliament, Supreme National Security Council and later in the meetings of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution and this Supreme Council of Cyberspace and this meeting, which was formed for cooperation and interaction of the three branches in economic issues and had 230 resolutions during 50 meetings, we benefited from his presence".

Dr Rouhani pointed out that Dr Larijani is a well-educated, well-thought-out, and active human being in various fields, adding, "His presence in the Islamic Consultative Assembly and chairmanship of 3 rounds of the parliament is very hard work and he managed the parliamentary sessions well".

The President emphasised, "Certainly, Dr Larijani will be active in other positions in the system as in the past, and the system will use his existence".

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