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Dr Rouhani emphasises in a phone call with the Health Minister:

Maintaining readiness to control and monitor heeding health protocols in possible future trips, reopening of holy shrines

The President stressed the need to maintain readiness and continue to observe the conditions and health protocols to control and cut the chain of coronavirus completely.

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Fri 22 - Mai 2020 - 20:34

Speaking on Friday with Minister of Health and Medical Education Dr Saeed Namaki by telephone, Dr Hassan Rouhani received a report on the situation in the country regarding coronavirus and the increase in spread of the disease in some provinces due to not heeding instructions, stressing the need for informing the people to continue to follow the health protocols and regulations until coronavirus is controlled and the chain of its outbreak is broken and the areas return to white state.

The President also called on the Minister of Health to make the necessary preparations for the implementation and observance of the appropriate instructions and distancing, considering the possibility of increased travel during Eid al-Fitr holidays.

Referring to the approvals of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus and the issues raised in the meeting of the heads of the committees of the task force regarding the reopening of holy shrines and remaining businesses, Dr Rouhani said, "We must be fully ready in all sectors for providing accurate information, implementing health protocols in businesses and monitor them".

The president added, "Regarding the fact that it is not possible to completely eradicate coronavirus in the coming months, we must plan and try to ensure people's health and their living conditions while maintaining their living".


Code: 115451

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