sonntag 12 April 2015 - 22:43
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In a phone call with the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance;

President instructs striking balance in stock market

The President described the acceleration of the transfer of shares of state-owned companies and the possibility of the opportunity for all people in this field reassuring and satisfying, and stressed the need for the efforts of the country's economic officials to develop these activities.

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Fri 22 - Mai 2020 - 20:26

In a phone call with Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Dr Farhad Dejpsand on Friday, Dr Hassan Rouhani received a report on the measures and plans of the ministry aimed at organising the investment and stock market in the country, emphasising, "We should try to strike a reassuring balance in the capital and stock market so that people can confidently invest in this area with ease".

The President stated, "We must plan and act through the sale of Islamic financial securities to finance the country's development projects".

Dr Rouhani pointed out that it should be planned in such a way that it is always possible to offer the shares of profitable companies in the stock market, and said, "It is important and can lead to the development of the country and the increase of people's capital".

In this phone call, Dr Farhad Dejpsand reported on the trend of the first ETF and the Ministry of Economy and Finance's plans to release part of Justice Shares".

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