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President in a meeting with media executives:

Iranian nation displayed historic miracle in fighting coronavirus through unity, solidarity/ Experience of unified governance leads country to bright horizon/ Media bear heavy responsibility for informing people/ Media should create hope in society

Stating that the Iranian nation have displayed a historic miracle in fighting coronavirus through their unity, integrity and solidarity, President said, "The general unity and solidarity and people's cooperation with government and the coronavirus task force decisions led us to victory in this tough stage".

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Tue 19 - Mai 2020 - 21:57

Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting with media executives, President Hassan Rouhani said that the experience of a unified governance leads the country towards a bright horizon, adding, "We have experienced this in the past 3 months".

 He also went on to state, "Victory in the eight-year Sacred Defence era was because of a unified governance and we saw this successful experience in fighting coronavirus".

Dr Rouhani described comprehensive unity and integrity as one of the reasons for success in fighting coronavirus outbreak, saying, "The fact that 83 per cent of the people heeded health protocols indicates their cooperation with the government and health officials, and in this cooperation, all media, especially the IRIB have had an important role".

The third reason for succeeding against coronavirus in Iran is an integrated health and medical team, added Rouhani, saying, "With the round-the-clock efforts of the medical staff, including doctors, nurses and all personnel of medical centres, coronavirus, which was very unknown for us in the first days, has become close to be controlled".

On the infrastructural work done by the government in the field of health, he said, "The number of ready hospital beds in this government has increased twofold compared to the entire history of the country, and this led to us not having any shortage of beds and special beds during the peak of coronavirus outbreak".

"Despite the tough conditions and the illegal sanctions and unfair economic pressures of the United States, production did not stop in the country and today, we are witnessing great achievements like self-sufficiency in wheat and other agricultural products," he said.

President Rouhani also said, "We are also self-sufficient in the production of petrol, gas and diesel, and our infrastructural work has helped us in fighting coronavirus".

Stressing that the government has acted with honesty and full transparency regarding coronavirus and told the people the truth, the President said, "The media worked well in this regard and stood against the foreign media's lies and rumours".

Dr Rouhani said that the media have a heavy responsibility for informing people, adding, "Establishing peace in the society and taking away people's apprehension is a very important task that the media have".

Criticism is not only fine, but also effective and constructive, said the President adding, "Honest criticism is very good, but it must not be just towards the government".

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