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In a cabinet meeting chaired by Dr Rouhani;

Minister of Health: We have passed the coronavirus control stage and we are moving towards harnessing it

The cabinet meeting was chaired by President Dr Rouhani on Sunday evening, in which the Minister of Health and Medical Education presented a report, saying that we have passed the coronavirus control stage and we are moving towards harnessing it. But at the same time, in some parts of the country, due to lack of attention to health protocols, the situation is not good.

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Sun 17 - Mai 2020 - 21:09

During the meeting, the Minister of Education also announced the reopening of schools and the presence of all school principals in their workplace, as well as the success of the comprehensive system of virtual education in schools across the country, saying, "This has increased the role of students and families in the education process”.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology also reported on the positive and constructive role of e-government and the private sector in the country's fight against coronavirus.

Following the meeting of the Cabinet, the President praised the medical staff, and said that the development of e-government is one of the basic policies of this government, saying that fortunately, one of its fruits can be seen in the virtual education in schools and universities.

Dr Rouhani continued, "If this were not possible in the country, education would have been completely closed down, but now, although schools and universities are closed, education has not been closed and has only changed its form".

In the end, the President called on all agencies to complete their electronic projects as soon as possible.

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