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President's important instructions to industry ministry caretaker:

Managing market, baking end-user, calming business atmosphere, surge production, eliminating brokers from auto market, delivering cars to people with reasonable price

In a phone call with the Acting Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, the President instructed him to choose responsible, expert, experienced, and young personnel to manage the market, support the end-user, calm the business atmosphere, surge production, develop non-oil exports, eliminate brokers from auto market, and deliver cars to people with reasonable price.

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Fri 15 - Mai 2020 - 20:49

In the phone call with Mr Hossein Modarres Khiabani on Friday, President Hassan Rouhani said, "Controlling the market and supporting the end-user, creating a peaceful business atmosphere and a transparent route from the producer to the end-user are the reasonable demands of the people, business owners and the government, which are very imperative for you to pay great attention to".

Referring to the importance of precise planning for managing the market, he said, "Regular and permanent monitoring of the market to supply people's essentials and controlling the supply and demand will definitely have a key role in managing prices".

He went on to stress managing the disorder in the auto market, saying, "In this regard, a clear, transparent planning, which is completely clear for both the manufacturers and the people, must be done, so that brokers are eliminated from auto market and cars are delivered to the people with reasonable price".

"It will not be tolerated by the people and the authorities at all that the domestically-manufactured cars be delivered to the people with an unreasonable jump in the auto market," he continued.

Stressing the importance paying more attention to mines, he said, "We must prepare an integrated plan for the activity of mines".

The President also said, "Supplying the raw materials of factories is a special responsibility for the realisation of the motto of Surge in Production".

"The production sector must be strengthened more through effective relationship with industries, producers and business owners and exporters so that the motto of Surge in Production is realised in action, and the realisation of this motto must be felt by people in their lives," said President Rouhani.

Code: 115333

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