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President at cabinet session:

Full observance of health protocols by Laylat al-Qadr participants in mosques shows our Islamic, Iranian civilisation and social capital/ Navy manoeuvre martyrs were sincere/ A despot government in US, unbelievable father and son in our southern neighbourhood a divine test

Emphasising that the dear and great nation of Iran should know that their officials and servants in the government have been working hard 24/7 in these three months, the President said, "During this period, everyone, including the people, the armed forces, the economic sector, public institutions, non-governmental organisations, mosques, students and seminary students were active, and there is no doubt that everyone made sacrifices, and the IRIB had a heavy responsibility in this regard”.

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Dr Hassan Rouhani said at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday that the Iranian nation and government have been subjected to a difficult test, adding, "There is no nation that has been under severe sanctions and siege for two years, and the disease and the virus has entered that country in such conditions”.

Stating that we have been dealing with the worst government for two years, the president said, "There is a strange group in the White House, and when you look at the regime’s secretary of state, it looks like as if he has never seen or read the alphabet of politics in his entire life. America has always been a terrorist, but this is so unprecedented that even during coronavirus, it makes entering medicine to the country difficult”.

Stating that an unprecedentedly tyrannical government in the history of the United States and an unbelievable father and son in the neighbourhood of the country in the south are divine test for us, Dr Rouhani said, "God has also given us good neighbours, and except for those one or two, others are fine and we are by their side”.

The President added, "All the ministers, officials, the three branches, and all the high-ranking bodies of our country have been put to a great divine test, and God has made us worthy of this test".

Expressing that the dear people of Iran should know that the officials and their servants in the government have been doing their best in these 3 months, the President said, "The Ministry of Health with all its medical staff and the Ministry of Interior with all its capabilities across the country and the Ministry of Industry has taken a great responsibility during this period, and I must thank all those who worked hard during their tenure and worked in this ministry until the day after yesterday, and those who are carrying the responsibility since today and in the future”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out that the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade has a difficult responsibility of a collection of four ministries of industry, heavy industry, mine and trade, and continued, "Today, the burden of responsibility falls on my dear brother Mr Modarres Khiabani, and we must all help and assist him so that he can continue this heavy burden”.

Stating that all economic ministers were all active, the president said, "It is difficult to run the country in this situation; The Plan and Budget Organisation, the Ministry of Economy, the Central Bank and the country's banks have cooperated to provide loans to businesses that are in trouble”.

Dr Rouhani said that the stock market should be planned in the easiest way for those who want to sell their Justice Shares, adding, "Anyone who wants to sell their shares can go to the bank and represent them there, so that the bank will sell their shares on the stock market”.

Stating that these days are difficult days for the people and the days of Nowruz and the holy month of Ramadan were difficult for the people this year, the President added, "It is like this everywhere in the world, but emotional issues in Iran are much stronger than it is in some other country, so it is harder for us”.

Dr Rouhani continued: "We should all try not to put more pressure on the people, and this more pressure is the price of goods in the market. So we have to be careful”.

"Unfortunately, some people are even using people's needs for masks, gloves and food to their own advantage, let alone currency, gold coins and other things," he said.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "I am sure that we will go through these difficult days, and our entrepreneurs and exporters will return all the foreign currency to the country to the last penny, and I hope we can follow our Imam Ali (AS) with unity and empathy to create a surge in production for the country this year”.

In another part of his speech, the President praised the efforts of doctors, nurses and medical staff in the country these days and said, "This devotion and self-sacrifice of our doctors and nurses and people’s cooperation stem from our religious and Iranian culture and the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), Imam Ali (AS) and the other Imams (AS)”.

Stating that we are in difficult historical days, but people live with courage and calmness, Dr Rouhani added, "This calmness of the people is very important; The fact that they are not waiting in queues in shops and the store shelves are not empty of goods and people are helping each other, is rooted in our culture and following the Prophet's progeny”.

Referring to the reopening of mosques to hold Laylat al-Qadr ceremonies with special instructions and concerns about the observance of health protocols by the people, the President said, "Last night was a special ceremony in the country. Wherever people went, they followed all the principles and showed Islamic and Iranian civilisation and social capital”.

He praised the good efforts of IRIB to broadcast the spiritual event to the people through television from the holy places, adding, "People were not in the holy places, but all their hearts were there”.

Dr Rouhani said that both the spirituality and morality of the people and the observance of health protocols will remain in history, adding, "As the Supreme Leader said, what is recorded these days must be devotions and sacrifices and helping each other”.

In another part of his speech, the President paid tribute to the dear martyrs of the Navy, saying, "It was very sad and unfortunate for us that we lost our brave young sailors in a tragic accident; It was hard to hear and bear this news, but all the officials and people across the country expressed their sympathy, and I say frankly and humbly to the families of these martyrs that all members of the government share in their grief”.

Dr Rouhani added, "Of course, the reasons for this issue must be investigated and clarified later and explained to the people".

The President stated that these young people went to the sea for the defence and security of the country, noting, "Their manoeuvre was aimed at strengthening the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and they were martyred sincerely and innocently during the holy month of Ramadan while fasting on the waves”.

Dr Rouhani continued, "Battle in the water has a special place in our religion. There is resistance, self-sacrifice, devotion and martyrdom everywhere, but war and martyrdom on the sea, according to the religious sayings, has 10 times greater rewards than the battle on earth”.

The President expressed his hope that such incidents would be reduced to a minimum during military exercises and manoeuvres, and that we would see more orderly exercises in such cases.

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