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President in a meeting with forerunners of fighting coronavirus in East and West Azerbaijan:

Iranian people's devotion, especially medical staff must remain in history/ Despite some countries, anyone with coronavirus, whether Iranian or non-Iranian, was treated free of charge/ We can compare Iran's performance with major eastern and western countries

President said that the great Iranian nation is victorious in the fight against coronavirus, adding, "In this fight, the entire Iranian nation cooperated and we can compare our country with major eastern and western countries in this regard".

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Mon 11 - Mai 2020 - 21:29

Speaking on Monday in a meeting with forerunners of fighting coronavirus in East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan provinces, President Hassan Rouhani said, "The Iranian people, especially the medical staff, have worked very hard and showed great sacrifices since the beginning of coronavirus outbreak".

"This devotion, as the Supreme Leader of the Revolution stated yesterday, must be recorded in the history," he continued.

The President described the discriminatory treatment of human beings in many countries that claim they are very good at fighting coronavirus, and said, "Contrary to those discriminatory practices, in Iran in all areas we are victorious in this regard and we do not care about someone's  city, language, ethnicity and tribe, how old or rich and poor they are when they enter a public hospital, and we have treated everyone, even foreigners, free of charge".

Dr Rouhani stated that from the beginning of the outbreak of coronavirus, everyone, including producers, mosques, charities, the armed forces, the Basij, the IRGC and the Army, cooperated, adding, "Since 2014, with the implementation of the Healthcare Reform Plan, we started a great transformation in the health sector, hospital beds and healthcare development, and this move was very effective in the fight against coronavirus".

The President stated, "Different health centres across the country carried out large-scale screening work, so that in the first phase of the project, 78 million people were screened and in the second phase, more than 30 million people were screened and this process will continue".

Dr Rouhani referred to Iran's different approach to coronavirus compared to the very strict practices of some countries and the negligence of others, saying, "We have chosen a moderate and balanced path that has been the right path".

The President added, "We want to restart some businesses soon, and of course the reopening of some businesses will be delayed due to public health, because we want to act wisely".

Dr Rouhani referred to the extensive efforts of Iranian scientific companies, scientists and specialists to meet not only the country's needs in the fight against coronavirus but also the export of these products and said, "I hope we can make good progress in developing a vaccine and treatement".

The president then went on to mention the government's extensive program to help those affected by the outbreak of coronavirus, saying, "4 million households have been allocated 1.5-2 million tomans in loans".

Stating that our people have learned the lesson of self-sacrifice and devotion from the progeny of the Prophet (PBUH), Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Mujtaba (AS), he said, "In fighting coronavirus, people took each other's hands and helped each other, and our nurses, doctors, laboratories, knowledge companies, workshops, and factories did their best".

Emphasising that if the people did not help, we would not have succeeded, the president added, "A nation is successful in which everyone can join hands and work together, and thank God, the people have helped a lot in this regard".

Dr Rouhani thanked all clerics for their cooperation and preventing disagreements, saying, "We should appreciate all those who have tried and devote themselves to the health and livelihood of the people".

In the video conference session, the President also spoke with the CEO of Pakdis Company in West Azerbaijan Province and was briefed by him on the processes and also had a brief conversation with one of the workers of the complex.


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