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President in a meeting with donors and NGOs and activists fighting coronavirus:

Helping the deprived a key duty for all/ Encouraging people to help deprived the first task of NGOs/ It’s important for NGOs to become a trustable brand for all for influencing people

President described helping the deprived as an important duty for all, stressing that the first task of NGOs is to encourage people to help the deprived.

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Sat 09 - Mai 2020 - 20:52

Speaking on Saturday evening in a meeting with donors and NGOs and activists fighting coronavirus, President Hassan Rouhani said, "It is important for NGOs to become a trustable brand for all for influencing people”.

Parts of President Hassan Rouhani’s speech is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

I am very happy that on the day of the birthday of the grandson of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Imam Hassan Mujtaba (AS), we are among the dear ones who dedicated part or all of their time and energy to goodness and charity.

Imam Mujtaba (AS) was the Imam of peace, patience, benevolence and charity. There are so many points in history, and you have heard them in historical books or in lectures. Of course, all the Imams (AS) and the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) were like this, but every Imam, on the occasion of the characteristic of his historical period, had one of the high human traits.

In courage, bravery, self-sacrifice and devotion, all of them were the same, but at a historical moment for Imam Hussein (AS), circumstances was such that he became a manifestation of self-sacrifice and devotion.

We are basically proud to be followers of Islam, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and the Imams (AS) and their way.

Basically, God created this world in this way. “We have raised some of them above others” (Holy Quran) intellectually and in terms of talent, ability, physical strength, beauty and eloquence.

Basically, the whole philosophy of creation is to get to the point where our inner talents emerge.

If you read the verses of the Holy Quran, or when you listen to it, you will see that God says He has done many things so that we become benevolent, thoughtful and pious.

God created us so that we can reach prosperity, that is, to reach the point where we manifest our talents, and the emergence of these talents requires the right atmosphere, and one of those atmospheres is the space where human has the opportunity to help the other.

The Prophet (PBUH) said to Imam Ali (AS) that if one person is guided by your hand, it is higher than anything in the whole world.

Suppose we have a population of 7 to 8 billion and we live together. The one hand we take, this is the equivalent of holding everyone's hand. It is as if human beings are all connected and interconnected.

One of the effects of coronavirus now is that a person can infect a society or a city, or dozens of people, and those tens can infect dozens of others.

The risk of the virus is that a person can infect two people, one group, a village, a neighbourhood, and a city, which means that the epidemic of the disease is such that it can quickly spread to others.

This is what is stated that a person who has unhealthy morals can sometimes make collective morals unhealthy. 

We do not have a country that is not affected now. Of course, it's also partly due to today's industry. If there weren't any planes, air travel, and travel with new vehicles, it might have happened too late, but it has caused one person to fly from one point to another and infect another country on the other side of the world. 

Now that God has created this world in this way, the pleasures that He has set for us are different, that is, someone thinks that they are only enjoying materially.

When a scientist can solve a problem, and right now, in the case of coronavirus, if an institution can succeed and find a cure for it, see what greatness it finds in terms of scientific status or even in terms of economic status.

Basically, this vaccine can change the society of our world today and relax the whole world, so it is a job and solving a problem, but solving this problem is effective in all the world, and all this is enjoyable for us.

When you treat a patient, when you help a person who is incapable, even when that you pass a person across a street, take someone’s heavy bag and help him has a spiritual pleasure that is not comparable to physical material pleasure.

Now, I don't know if there is a society and a country that has no problems, that is, there is no poor, hungry, or disabled. It is unlikely that among all the societies we have seen and heard about does not have such a thing.

What should be done about the problem that the human society faces today? There is a flaw and a problem in our world today, and it is our job to reduce or eliminate this problem.

Who should do this, the government? Yes, it is part of the government's job. Ordinary people? Yes, part of it is the duty of the people. Other people? Others mean other nations and neighbours or international agencies? It may be found there as well.

Today, we are in touch with the World Health Organisation (WHO) regarding coronavirus while helping the society. They may both help us and inform us of the updates about the virus. It is an international reference and it is in contact with us and we are in contact with it. In various matters, we must take all this into account.

Of course, the people are the main pillar, that is, if a nation works on a matter, it is far more powerful than the government, its neighbours and other countries, and the international community.

Any way, a united nation has come forward and has used all its capabilities. So in the matter of goodness and helping others, the first step is to make people aware that we all have a duty to help and to tell them that their help, no matter how small, is effective.

The first thing NGOs have to do is encourage people. That is, people need to be told that you can, you have to come, we have to stand together. A voice that everyone can hear and everyone knows that there is a problem in society.

So the first thing was to guide people and tell them and to promote and warn them and tell them all to participate. The second issue is that there should be no pretence of certain things in society. We must eliminate the pretence. This requires work, and both the government and the people must work.

It is very important that we, our donors or philanthropists, achieve a title and brand that is trustworthy for all charities. 

Building trust is very important. Our NGOs must validate their brand, both for their impact on society and for attracting opportunities from the society. How does the brand become credible? When the group that gathers does not allow an unhealthy person to come and join them.

It is very important that everyone does the job they want to do in their own place and do it well.

In our country, unfortunately, we had many problems before and after the revolution, and today there are social problems during the term of this government and the future government. 

In this regard, all governments have provided services and assistance, and in the 11th and 12th Governments have had great sensitivity towards this issue. 

There is a close relationship in the highest council that has been formed in the country under the chairmanship of the president and the special attention of the Supreme Leader.

Therefore, it is clear that special efforts have been made by the system, the Supreme Leader, the authorities and the government. 

Now we are self-sufficient in wheat. If only the government wanted to do that, could we become self-sufficient? Farmers work hard. Of course, the government's policies are very effective. 

Therefore, government policies are effective. The 11th Government attached great importance to timely pesticides, fertilisers and seeds because of the change in agriculture, and these are very important and effective. 

In charitable affairs, it is higher than that, because when they are together, they want to take care of the disabled and the addicts and the homeless.

My last point is about coronavirus. Donors are everywhere. However, wherever there is a problem, there are donors. Floods, earthquakes or any other problems occur, they come in and help and we saw it. 

Coronavirus was one of the most important issues we faced. We weren't the only ones, the whole world faced it. It is a huge problem.

This problem is not easy to manage. Of course, whatever the problems, I think it's a test for all of us on how to deal with that problem and how to manage it. 

Regarding coronavirus, there is a competition and a comparison between the world today. A leader of one of the countries spoke to me a few days ago and said, "We are amazed that you were able to manage these few months under this much pressure!"

Another leader, who is one of our neighbours, said that every time I think of coronavirus and you, I think about how Iran, which is under this severe pressure of sanctions, wants to run the country.

We have our own difficulties. I said before that there is still a long way to go until the end of coronavirus and maybe our journey will be long, and to this day, we have passed a large peak and hopefully we will have no other peak.

Of course, we have a lot of problems with this peak that we passed, and when we compare Iran with the world, we are proud.

I would like to thank the donors in all the fields in which they are active in general, especially in the field of coronavirus, which was difficult for our society, and perhaps the end of last year, which were our peak days, were hardest. We still have to take care.

God will help us.

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings


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