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Immediately after Tehran quake;

President calls interior minister, Tehran governor general, IRCS chief

President called the Minister of Interior, the Governor-General of Tehran Province, and the Chief of the Iranian Red Crescent Society early Friday immediately after the 5.1 magnitude earthquake in Tehran and other cities in vicinity and received reports on measures taken and issued the necessary instructions for full readiness of related agencies.

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Fri 08 - Mai 2020 - 15:18

Dr Hassan Rouhani called the Minister of Interior Dr Abdolreza Rahmani, and stressed the importance of full readiness of all related agencies in Tehran and other provinces.

Immediately after the earthquake, the Crisis Management Headquarters convened at President's order, the report of which was given by the interior minister.

The President also talked with Tehran Governor General Mr Mohsen Bandpei and appreciated the readiness of all sectors, adding, "In addition to maintaining readiness for relief in special conditions, people must be given the necessary warnings to keep them calm and informed from credible sources".

In another phone call with Chief of the Iranian Red Crescent Society Dr Karim Hemmati, Dr Rouhani received reports and said, "All relief agencies, especially the IRCS, must be in full readiness in these conditions so that in case of an incident, they can deliver the best possible relief".

Code: 115208

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