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President at the inauguration ceremony of 4 National Iranian Copper Industries Company projects:

This great transformation in mining industry a decisive response by Iranian workers, engineers and managers to the enemies’ conspiracies and pressures/ One of the pillars of surge in production is mines

The President described mines as one of the pillars for a surge in production in the country and, referring to Iran’s mining development statistics, stressed that the great transformation in the mining industry is the decisive response of Iranian workers, engineers and managers to the conspiracies and pressures of the Global Arrogance.

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Thu 07 - Mai 2020 - 12:02

Speaking on Thursday at the inauguration ceremony of four National Iranian Copper Industries Company projects, Dr Hassan Rouhani referred to the report by the Governor-General of Kerman and said, "Last year, 26 trillion tomans worth of projects were opened only in the mining sector, which will increase to about 30 trillion tomans.

The President also stressed the need to prevent the sale of raw materials in the country's products, including in the mining sector.

Parts of President Hassan Rouhani’s speech is as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

It was a very good day for all of us because of the opening of 4 big projects that we had in Kerman province. The steel, copper and aluminum industries have an important place in our country, as they both meet domestic needs and lead to exports.

This great transformation is the decisive response of our workers, engineers, officials and managers to the Global Arrogance and shows that we are moving our country forward despite pressures and conspiracies, completing and opening our projects, creating jobs for our dear youth and boosting our export market.

Today, a lively province like Kerman is both a producer and an exporter in various sectors, and it is a proud province for us. It was the homeland to great commanders and high-ranking personalities of this province who protected our country and our people.

In the case of water shortage, we will definitely look into the issue with the Minister of Energy to allocate the water you want and to try to get this water from the southern region to Kerman province as soon as possible.

But the other thing I want to emphasise here is that this year is the year of surge in production, which means that if our production this year must be more and faster and that the Supreme Leader has emphasised it this year more than ever because of the conditions we have this year.

It is also very important for production, export and employment, and the issue of employment is also very important for us. Mines are one of the assets of the government. There are big mines in our country and these mines should be exploited.

But there are some mines that need more investment, and the government should help, especially in exploration, to say where the mines are, where they are located, and at what depth.

To explore mines, we have not yet gone deep into the ground, and we have mostly used mines that are on the surface, and we have to go to a depth of one to three kilometres, which of course we went to in oil and gas.

The first part of mines is exploration. I am glad that a great deal has been done in this regard in the Eleventh and Twelfth Governments, which means that what has been discovered in the Eleventh and Twelfth Governments is much, much more than what has been discovered in the history of Iran.

There are companies and cooperatives that are formed and ready. It is the private sector, or we can turn it into a stock that the government wants to have, and the government will hand over a large part of its shares to the people.

When the stock market is alive, we offer new stocks. Praise be to God, 2 or 3 good steps have been taken in this regard this year, and the Justice Shares will come to the stock market and will be offered to 50 million people.

The vast majority of Justice Shares are for companies that are very profitable, and these stocks are very valuable, and these stocks will easily sell on the stock market.

I also emphasised in the cabinet session yesterday that our dear people should know that all those who have these Justice Shares should be informed that they want to sell or hold, and this is the first step.

The Ministry of Economy is responsible for that, and I ask the Minister of Economy to do that as soon as possible, which I think has different ways.

There are many ways for people to easily sell their shares and get the money to spend on anything they want, especially in these difficult conditions that people are facing today, and the conditions of sanctions, along with the conditions of coronavirus, where jobs are completely asleep and closed, many sports, entertainment, cultural centres, mosques and religious circles are closed, transportation and travel, and so on.

In the field of stock market, we have not offered things in the stock market and we should think about them, for example, we never put the sale of land on the stock market.

We also have a lot of mines in the country, so that the specifications of these mines can be clarified and priced.

Mines are one of the government's great assets. The government has huge and large capital, including very large mines, oil and gas mines, and forests, pastures, and many lands.

If the route is right in the mines and if the technology is advanced, it cannot harm the environment, and today one of the highlights of the projects that were inaugurated was that it was very important from an environmental point of view.

If we reach the last stage, where the end consumer uses, we will stop selling raw materials there. For example, we can export facade stone that is now one of the largest and best mines in the country.

So this year is the year of surge in production, which I think is one of the foundations of mining. We must make great efforts in exploration, in the sale, in the transfer to the private sector, and in the prevention of the sale of raw materials.

God will help us. It is a difficult year, but God can give us blessings in this difficult year thanks to our efforts.

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings



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