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Dr Rouhani at the inauguration ceremony of a project in Shahrebabak Copper Complex:

50% boost in Shahrebabak’s Copper Complex productions very valuable/ Stressing offering small and medium mines in stock market

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of development project of refining and concentrate storage in Shahrebabak Copper Complex, the President said that the 50-percent increase in the complex's products to reach 120,000 tonnes is a valuable work, adding, "Reducing fossil fuel consumption while using new technology and increasing production is one of the valuable points of this project”.

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Thu 07 - Mai 2020 - 11:32

At the ceremony that was held on Thursday, after hearing the report of the complex's managers, Dr Hassan Rouhani said that offering the shares of small and medium-sized mines on the stock market is important.

He also said that with people buying a mine or a stock from a mine will cause both the stock market to grow and activate both small and medium-sized mines faster.

The president then instructed the inauguration of the project.

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