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President at Teacher's Week celebration:

SHAD system created a teacher-student relationship during the coronavirus era/ We hope that education begins soon in the white zones/ Motahari was one of the exceptional and unique figures in our history and one of the students of Imam Khomeini's school

Appreciating the tireless efforts of all teachers in the country, the President stressed that one of the concerns of the 11th and 12th Governments is to solve the economic problems of employees in general and teachers and workers in particular, and will spare no effort in this direction.

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Tue 05 - Mai 2020 - 19:10

Speaking on Tuesday evening at Teacher's Week ceremony, Dr Hassan Rouhani officially opened SHAD System and described the continuation and strengthening the system important even after the reopening of classes, saying that he had ordered the National Centre for Cyberspace to help complete the system and fix its shortcomings.

The president described learning a skill alongside a second language and virtual literacy essential for students, and stressed the importance of paying attention to education and ethics, strengthening the Persian language, and the health of students.

Parts of President's speech is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

It was a very good day for me, because in this week, I had the opportunity to listen to some of our dear teachers and authorities' points of view in person or through videoconference.

There is no doubt that the position of the teacher is very high. The greatest teacher position is God and after Him, prophets, whether prophet of Islam or other prophets.

Much of what we have in life, including ethics, education, skills and knowledge, comes from the education system and our teachers.

The first teachers children see after being born are the parents and after that, teachers in schools. The root of countries' growth and prosperity is in education and the classroom.

First, let us commemorate martyr Motahari, who was one of the exceptional and unique figures in our history and one of the students of Imam Khomeini's school.

The late martyr Motahari was a unique figure for the culture of the society in the depth of knowledge and science, morality and religious piety.

Despite facing coronavirus and sanctions at the same time, the Iranian people have shown the best resistance these days. We can compare our moral conditions with other nations and countries.

Of course, we still have a long way to go to put this virus behind us, and if what they say is true, we might be facing this virus for weeks and months.

The first group to carry out this task were doctors, nurses, and medical staff. They carried a heavy burden, did a great job, made great sacrifices, and also those who made life easier for people to go to the grocery store, food, sanitation, disinfection.

Everyone worked hard, our pilots and flight attendants, who on difficult days transported medical supplies and diagnostic kits from other countries. This is an example, because if I want to name them, I will not be able to

After that, it was our scholars' turn in the knowledge-based companies. The fact that we were able to make the test kit after a while and the antibody kit here, and thank God today we are exporting the antibody kit to some European countries, is a great thing that our nation has done.

Another part of our job was what teachers and the education system did for the students. Apparently, the SHAD system, which we will officially inaugurate at the end of this session, is for students not to fall behind.

This is true, but more important than that, SHAD system created a teacher-student relationship during the coronavirus era.

Great work was done through the cyberspace and the national media, and we need to thank all teachers for carrying this heavy burden. We hope that education begins soon in the white zones.

Learning science and skills are important, but education and ethics are the foundation of education. Knowledge is very important but more important than that is ethics and morality.

The second issue is education, which is a part of basic sciences and children need to learn. They need to learn all sciences that we need at different levels.

The third issue is the Persian language. Persian language is our means of communication with history and the past and is very important. We need to learn this language very well.

A public effort was made in the country to confront coronavirus and preserve the economy and people's lives. A lot of work has been done in the country to produce the equipment needed to fight coronavirus, and now we are able to export some of this production equipment.

I would like to thank all teachers for their great responsibility and for their hard work during the coronavirus spread period. I instructed the National Centre for Cyberspace to help complete SHAD System and eliminate its shortcomings.

The SHAD system will be needed even after all classes have restarted. Our students must have learned a second language when they finish their education, and now there is a big flaw in this field in our education system, and we must invest in it.

Students' skills are essential and they must have learned a skill after graduation. Students must be virtual space literate, and this is one of the sciences that they must learn well during their studies.

There is no doubt that teachers have economic problems in life, but since year 2013 we have always been concerned with solving the economic problems of employees in general and teachers and workers in particular.

It is teachers' right to have better living conditions, and I have no doubt that we have always tried to reduce the pressure on their lives, and we hope that their problems will be reduced with our and their efforts

At school, one of the most important issues is students' health, and the physical education period should be taken more seriously.

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings 


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