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At the meeting of the Council of Ministers;

President thanks medical staff, producers/ Health Minister reports on industrial capabilities of industries for producing medical equipment

The Council of Ministers convened on Sunday evening in a session that was chaired by President Hassan Rouhani, and the Minister of Health and Medical Education presented a report on coronavirus cases and death toll.

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Sun 03 - Mai 2020 - 22:12

During the meeting, the President appreciated the hard work of the medical staff and producers around the country, calling on people to continue adhering to health protocols as before so that new coronavirus cases and death toll would be reduced.

Dr Rouhani also expressed satisfaction over the country’s readiness for exporting medical and other types of equipment needed for combatting coronavirus, issuing the necessary instructions in this regard.

The Minister of Health and Medical Education also presented a report to the council on the industrial capabilities of industries around the country for producing medical equipment required for controlling coronavirus.

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