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President in a phone call with Central Bank Governor:

Discussing the situation of providing foreign exchange for essentials / Appreciating Central Bank efforts to meet country's essentials

In a phone call with the Governor of the Central Bank, the President received a report on the latest measures and developments related to the provision of foreign exchange for essential goods.

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Fri 01 - Mai 2020 - 18:27

Speaking with the Governor of the Central Bank Dr Hemmati on Friday by telephone, Dr Hassan Rouhani was briefed about the Central Bank's efforts for returning the foreign currency income out of export and how to use various resources available to the Central Bank and providing basic and essential goods.

Dr Rouhani appreciated the efforts of the Central Bank in the difficult international situation to meet the essential needs of the country according to the government's plan.

In the telephone conversation, Dr Abdolnaser Hemmati explained the central bank's plans for open market operations.

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