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President contacts governor generals, medical authorities in 4 provinces;

Latest situation in coronavirus outbreak in West Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, Ardabil, Zanjan provinces/ President: People will never forget doctors, nurses' sacrifice, jihad/ Gov't supplies health sector's needs for fighting coronavirus

President Rouhani contacted the governor generals and medical authorities of West Azerbaijan, Khuzestan, Ardabil, Zanjan provinces through videoconferencing and received reports on the latest situation of coronavirus outbreak and the treatment of patients.

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The President also had separate videoconferences with doctors and nurses in Urmia's Taleqani Hospital, Ahwaz's Razi Hospital and Hazrat Valiasr (AS) Hospital in Zanjan and was briefed on the health and treatment services given to the patients diagnosed with COVID-19, and measures taken to improve services.

Dr Rouhani also contacted the Governor-General of Ardabil Province and managers of a knowledge-based company in the province that has increased its daily production of N95 masks to 5,000.

Speaking with Chief of Taleqani Hospital, President asked about the condition of COVID-19 patients and the treatment process.

Responding to request about requirements of the hospital like CT-Scan devices, the President said, "The supply of the health sector's requirements for fighting coronavirus will be done by the government and the health ministry".

Dr Rouhani also talked with a number of nurses in the hospital and appreciated their round-the-clock work and efforts, saying, "Supplying the requirements of the health sector and its personnel is very important for us and, as we approved at the session of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, the priority is with providing the medical staff with facilities and equipment".

In his contact with Chancellor of West Azerbaijan University of Medical Sciences and the Governor-General of the province, Dr Rouhani described the efforts made in the province, including the implementation of trilingual telephone assistance programme, positive.

He said, "We must not underestimate this virus and we must all make attempts in fighting it. Of course, this has gone well in our country to date, and we hope that through implementing programmes such as Social Distancing and implementing health protocols and instructions, we can be more successful in doing so".

On the services provided to chemical warfare veterans in Sardasht County, President Rouhani said, "Especial attention to veterans, especially chemical warfare veterans in the province and Sardasht County is very important for us".

Addressing the people of West Azerbaijan Province and western part of the country, he said, "Yesterday at the cabinet session, the Head of Department of Environment presented a report on the condition of Lake Urmia, based on which this year, there will be no salt dust from the late and this is one of the effects of implementing the project for restoring the late, which will be very good news for the people of the province".

In another videoconference with Ahwaz's Razi Hospital, the President talked with one of the nurses about the working conditions and safety equipment, and said, "There is no doubt that this devotion and jihad will never be forgotten by the Iranian nation".

Congratulating New Year to the people of Khuzestan Province, as the border guards of Iran, he said, "The dear people of Khuzestan have always been at the forefront of the Sacred Defence era and after that, and they have a heavy responsibility for providing food and energy security of the country with their major harbours and main roads".

He also expressed hope that the government can have the opportunity to serve the people of the province well after the conditions caused by the disease.

Speaking with managers of a knowledge-based company in Ardabil province that has increased its daily production of N95 masks to 5,000, the President said, "From the first day of the government, our policy has been based on supporting and developing knowledge-based companies so that we can satisfy our country's needs through more production".

 Talking with Governor-General of Ardabil Province, Dr Rouhani said, "Currently, the people and donators are cooperating well with local officials and there is good coordination and synergy among all authorities, especially Supreme Leader's Representative to the province, all executive officials and the armed forces in this regard".

He went on to appreciate the hard work of producers and local officials, and people's cooperation in fighting coronavirus, expressing hope that he could visit the province after the outbreak of the disease.

Addressing the Governor-General of Ardabil Province and health officials, the President said, "Implement the instructions of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus and give new suggestions to the task force".

In another videoconference meeting with Zanjan Province, Dr Rouhani talked with one of the nurses of Valiasr (AS) Hospital and appreciated their work, saying, "I hope that the devotion and hard work of the nurses these days will be recorded in the history as a golden page".

The President also went on to speak with the Governor-General of Zanjan Province and described the measures taken in the form of meetings positive, saying, "Fortunately, the health centres in the province are well-equipped and the doctors and nurses are working with high spirits".

He continued, "These days are hard days, but we can make efforts for fighting this virus by relying on God and trusting the future, and the government will contribute to the process".


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