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President in videoconference meetings with governor generals of Kermanshah, Fars, Lorestan, Bushehr:

People should pay attention to Social Distancing Plan/ Necessary credits to be provided for countering floods, pests, grasshoppers

After the session of the cabinet on Sunday, President contacted the governor generals of Kermanshah, Fars, Lorestan, and Bushehr through videoconference and received reports on the process of fighting coronavirus and also floods in the provinces.

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Sun 29 - März 2020 - 18:18

In the first meeting, President talked with the Governor General of Fars Province and received reports on the measures taken for fighting the outbreak of coronavirus and the treatment of patients in the province.

On the recent floods in the province, Dr Rouhani was briefed about the damages made to farmlands and invasion of grasshoppers, and said, "Today, we instructed the Ministry of Interior to encourage businesses that produce pesticides to continue their work even during the implementation of Social Distancing Plan so that farmers do not face any problems in their production process".

He added, "The required facilities and credits for preventing floods and also pests and grasshoppers in the province will be provided".

The President also contacted Imam Khomeini (RA) Hospital in Kermanshah and asked about the measures taken in the province to treat coronavirus patients.

Dr Rouhani talked with the chief of the hospital, Chancellor of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences and Governor General of Kermanshah Province and received reports on the process of managing coronavirus.

Asking about the implementation process of Social Distancing Plan in the province, President Rouhani expressed hope that people cooperate more and pay more attention to the instructions, so that we can pass these hard days.

He continued, "I have instructed ministers of Energy and Agriculture to finalise torrid projects in provinces that are qualified for the scheme, including Kermanshah Province".

President Rouhani also talked with CEO of Shahid Rasouli Company which produces medical alcohol in Lorestan Province and received a report on the company's activities.

Stating that your produced alcohol is very important for people's health and safety, he asked about the final price of their produced alcohol and the CEO said, "We have not increased our prices whatsoever and we are even trying to lower our prices".

The President also talked with one of the workers in the factory and stressed observing health protocols, saying, "The health and safe workplace for the dear labourers of production units are very important".

Dr Rouhani went on to speak with the Governor General of Lorestan Province about the latest situation in the fight against the spread of coronavirus, as well as the problems caused by the recent floods in the province.

Speaking with Chancellor of Lorestan University of Medical Sciences, the President also asked about the current state of the fight against coronavirus, wishing success for the medical staff of the province.

Later in the videoconference meetings, the President also contacted Governor General of Bushehr Province and Chief of Health Network, receiving reports on the medical equipment needed for managing coronavirus, saying, "A part of the country's management sector must become electronic so that we can save time".

He continued, "At all sessions of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, governor generals from all around the country are present through videoconferencing and we have decided to hold some of our sessions in this way so that the management instructions are given to the officials directly and more quickly".

Dr Rouhani also spoke with Chief of Health Network of Bushehr Province, appreciating the sacrifice and devotion of the province's medical staff, wishing success for all those who are working hard to treat the patients and manage the damages caused by the floods.


Code: 114487

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