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President in a meeting with top experts in different medical fields on coronavirus:

We must tap all experiences around world/ I call on all experts to help us/ We're seeing tangible effects of Healthcare Reform Plan in today's special conditions/ All efforts must be exerted for building anti-corona vaccine, drug

President had a meeting with the highest experts in the fields of infectious, viral and respiratory diseases, emergency medicine, immunology, virology and epidemiology on Saturday evening through videoconferencing, and appreciated the hard work and devotion of all doctors, nurses and medical staff throughout the country.

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President Hassan Rouhani said in the meeting, "With regard to videoconferences with the chancellors of medical universities in different provinces, I am optimistic about this situation and how the treatment of the disease in Qom and Gilan is happening is two important experiences that we need to take advantage of".

The President also said that there is a great deal of effort and service to combat the disease at this time, adding, "There is now good peace in the country's health system and its medical staff, and the government is certainly capable of supporting them in terms of equipment, facilities and medicines they need".

Dr Rouhani added, "We should also salute the spirit of martyrs of the service in the health sector who have done a great job in these days."

"Strengthening infectious diseases ward, an all-out effort to develop a vaccine and trying to find a cure for the disease, which we have no specific cure for it yet, were the suggestions made at the meeting," the president said.

Dr Rouhani added, "Some experts at the meeting said it was a surprise to the whole world that a virus would start from one place in the world at a specific time and spread around the world".

"The outbreak of the virus has completely changed the economy, politics, social issues and lifestyle all over the world," the president continued.

Dr Rouhani pointed out that there is a variety of rituals and celebrations in Iran in comparison to Western countries, adding, "The outbreak of the virus changed all our rituals and changed religious centres and employment".

He also added, "At this meeting, we also talked about what stage we are at right now, the response from most experts was that it is still too early to tell what stage we are at and whether we have reached the peak".

The president said, "At this meeting, we evaluated our actions and work so far, and according to the experts, they confirmed that the path we have chosen is the right one, and that we must take advantage of the experience of the whole world".

Referring to the need for the opinions of experts, Dr Rouhani said, "We want all experts around the country to help us in this regard and we are ready to make greater use of their views."

At the meeting, the president also said that people should hear a single voice from authorities and specialists in preventing the spread of the disease, as different voices make people confused and anxious.

The president emphasised the importance of the government's efforts regarding the Healthcare Reform Plan, expanding access to the cyberspace and developing knowledge-based companies, and said, "Today we are witnessing tangible effects of these efforts in the fight against the spread of coronavirus in the country."


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