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President in separate phone calls with ministers of health, petroleum, interior:

Nowruz travellers' return must not create congestions in city entrance, exit/ Issuing key instructions for ensuring petrol stations stay active

President had separate phone conversations with the ministers of 'Health and Medical Education', 'Petroleum' and 'Interior' and stressed precise implementation of Social Distancing plan, issuing the necessary instructions for each ministry.

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Fri 27 - März 2020 - 16:49

 In the phone calls that took place on Friday, President Hassan Rouhani also emphasised that the return of Nowruz travellers must not cause any congestions in the entrances and exits of cities.

Speaking with Minister of Petroleum Mr Bijan Zanganeh, President Rouhani issued the necessary instructions to assure people that their needed petrol is supplied and there will be no interruption throughout the day to supply petrol.

In another phone call with Minister of Interior Dr Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, the President also referred to traffic restrictions in and between cities, stressing the Social Distancing plan, adding that all restrictions must be implemented under the guidelines of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus.

He continued, "The aim of this plan is to keep people safe and healthy under the central management for fighting coronavirus and the implementation must be undermine the society's security".

 Dr Rouhani also talked with Minister of Health and Medical Education in another phone call and received new reports on the measures taken by the ministry for controlling coronavirus, stressing that all related organs, especially ministries of health and interior, must fight the rumours among public through timely response to some doubts.


Code: 114447

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