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Dr Rouhani in a videoconference with governor generals and health officials in 4 provinces:

People should stay home, observing health protocols/ Health ministry, gov't doing their best to meet health centres' needs/ President talks with Afghan patient diagnosed with COVID-19

President talked with governor generals and health officials of Qazvin, East Azerbaijan, Alborz and Yazd provinces through videoconferencing and received reports on the measures taken to fight the outbreak of coronavirus.

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Thu 26 - März 2020 - 16:03

In the videoconferences that took place on Thursday, President Hassan Rouhani talked with the chief of Qazvin's Velayat Hospital and appreciated the hard work of nurses, doctors and medical staff of the hospital, saying, "We hope that with the devotion of the health sector personnel, we can pass these hard days".

 Regarding the needs of the hospital, the President said, "Ministry of Health and the government are doing their best to meet the needs of the health centres around the country".

While talking with the Governor-General of Qazvin Province, President Hassan Rouhani appreciated the cooperation of the people of Qazvin Province for observing health protocols, saying, "Qazvin is a very important province and is the hub in the western part of the country, and we hope that we can pass these hard times with people's cooperation, so that we can celebrate Imam Mahdi's (AS) birthday with coronavirus gone".

Dr Rouhani also talked with a road relief base on Tabriz-Azarshahr Motorway in East Azerbaijan province and received a report on the measures taken for controlling travelers and checking their temperature.

The President also talked with Governor-General of East Azerbaijan Province Mr Pourmohammadi and appreciated the efforts of local officials, saying, "I am very happy that we are witnessing the efforts of the 11th and 12th governments in health sector and the cyberspace, as well as communications".

He continued, "If we did not have this bandwidth and efforts for expanding the Internet to different parts of the country, people would have harder times in these days they have to stay at home".

"We hope that in the final days of Nowruz holidays, people continue observing health protocols and stay at home," he said.

President Rouhani also talked with Zist Filter Company in Hashtgera, Alborz Province, and the Governor-General of the province, and appreciated the efforts of producers and service sector, stressing that the officials should work more to serve people better.

He also talked with Ayatollah Saddoughi Hospital in Yazd Province, saying, "The government will spare no effort for supplying the requirements of the health sector to help them serve people better".

The President talked with an Afghan poet Mohammad Yasna, who is hospitalized in Iran because of being diagnosed with COVID-19, wishing health for all patients in different countries, saying, "We are very happy to see that today, we are all together, while in our culture, helping the mankind is an honour".

"The two Iranian and Afghan nations have always been alongside each other, helping one another," he said.

After receiving a report by the Governor-General of Yazd Province, the President said, "Yazd is famous for having pious people and we hope that we can overcome these hard conditions well".

"In today's session, a budget was allocated to the Ministry of Health and Medical Education that can have good effects on providing services to people".

President Rouhani said, "The outbreak of coronavirus has shown us where the shortcomings are in different sectors and all local officials must work to develop these sectors".


Code: 114442

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