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President in a phone call with his Tunisian counterpart:

Today, protecting humans' lives needs global cooperation, work/ US' unjust sanctions against Iranian nation against humanitarian, UN regulations

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that seizing the opportunity of the formation of new government in Tunisia a good opportunity for developing relations and cooperation between the two countries and stressed the need to further deepen ties in all fields of mutual interest.

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Mon 23 - März 2020 - 19:17

Speaking with the President of Tunisia Kais Saied on Monday evening by telephone, President Hassan Rouhani congratulated the National Day of Tunisia and his election as the President of the country, expressing hope that during the new term, relations between Iran and Tunisia develop more than before, especially in regional and international fields.

The President added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran considers no limits for developing relations and cooperation with the Republic of Tunisia and we must make good use of the capabilities and potentials in the two countries in this regard".

Dr Rouhani pointed out that with the outbreak of coronavirus, it has now become a global issue and all governments and nations must stand together to fight it, "Today, saving lives of humans and dealing with this disease requires universal cooperation and action".

The president said that the US government has intensified its cruel measures and sanctions against the Iranian people in these difficult conditions, adding, "The prevention of sending medicine and humanitarian aid and banking relations required for meeting the needs of the people are in conflict with the humanitarian and UN regulations".

Rouhani stated that all countries around the world should condemn the United States' inhumane acts and invite them to return to UN laws and humanitarian principles, saying, "As a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council, Tunisia has the duty to take steps in standing up to cruel, inhumane sanctions".

The president also highlighted the development of regional and international relations and cooperation between Iran and Tunisia and the efforts of the two countries to promote peace and security in the region and to protect the rights of the oppressed Palestinian people.

At the same phone call, Tunisia's President Kais Saied praised the Islamic Republic of Iran's sovereignty over regional and international fields, as well as those of the World of Islam, saying, "Development of relations and cooperation with Iran is very important for Tunisia".

Criticising the US' inhumane sanctions against the Iranian nation, the President of Tunisia said, "We believe that in the current situation that all countries are faced with the outbreak of coronavirus, the United Nations must belong to all nations in these conditions"

"There is no doubt that Iran and Tunisia are together in tackling various global challenges, including coronavirus," he said.

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