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President in a videoconferencing with relief station, a number of health centres and production units:

Checking temperatures, carrying out essential examinations of travelers must take place in shortest time possible

President contacted with Red Crescent relief station situated in Tehran-Qom toll station, Ayatollah Khansari Hospital in Arak and a hygiene and detergent products factory in Kordestan Province through videoconferencing and received reports from them regarding measures taken to manage and fight coronavirus.

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Mon 23 - März 2020 - 19:15

In the videoconferences that took place on Monday, President Hassan Rouhani talked with Head of Iranian Red Crescent Society Dr Hemmati and received a report on the amount of traffic recorded at Tehran-Qom toll station and the temperature checking processes.

He emphasised that checking temperatures and carrying out essential examinations on travelers at the station must be carried out in the shortest time possible.

Dr Rouhani also talked with two volunteers who were checking people's temperature and congratulated the new year to them, stressing the importance of speedy and accurate work.

The President also spoke with Chief of Ayatollah Khansari Hospital in Arak and appreciated the work and devotion of the medical staff.

He also talked with a number of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. The President stressed that the shifts of medical staff and nurses should become shorter to prevent overworking.

Dr Rouhani was also briefed by the Governor-General of Markazi Province and described the report given by him promising, saying, "The government will boost its efforts to inaugurate the 500-bed hospital and address the medical equipment shortages in the province".

He went on to recommend the governor general to take more care of the medical staff and reduce their anxiety and fatigue.

President Rouhani also spoke with CEO of Iran Yekta Doushan Factory in Kordestan Province and was briefed by him on the production of detergents and hygiene products.

He also went on to speak with two labourers in the factory and said, "Your work in these days is very valuable and there is no doubt that with the help and cooperation of all ethnic groups in the country, we can beat coronavirus".

 The President appreciated the work of nurses and labourers in trying to fight coronavirus round the clock.


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