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President at the session of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

Figures of fighting coronavirus in country promising/ People must continue taking health recommendations seriously/ Let's work towards economic prosperity while observing health protocols/ The less crowded hospitals, the faster we can overcome coronavirus

President appreciated people for observing health recommendations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, stressing the need to continue taking health recommendations seriously.

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Sat 21 - März 2020 - 19:06

Speaking on Saturday at the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, President Hassan Rouhani said:

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

I would like to congratulate the great Iranian nation on the ascension of the great Prophet of Islam (PBUH), which we can say is the greatest celebration for us Muslims.

The initial report of the Ministry of Health and the reports provided by the governor generals of Mazandaran and Isfahan were very promising. It is clear that all the efforts made by the medical staff, doctors, nurses and all our loved ones in the field of treatment, as well as the armed forces involved in the treatment and disinfection of public sites, have had a great impact.

If the same trend continues, that means we have been successful in the path that we have chosen. The set of reports shows that travel have slowed down, and as I asked the commander of Traffic Police yesterday, we said that we had a 70% reduction in travels.

So, these show that our nation is a nation that despite the hardships, problems, and sanctions, respect each other and this is something to thank our dear and good people for.

The goal is to keep some certain areas from getting densely populated; that's the principle. The principle is that people should not even leave their houses as much as possible.

Here, I urge the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and the department for economic affairs to look at how we can give discounts to someone who does online shopping.

All we want from people, as the Minister of Health emphasised in the previous meeting, is for them to stay home for about 10-15 days and do not travel.

The first thing was that people who are suspected to have been infected with the virus, should refrain from going to the hospitals, which causes them to be infected if they are not.

If someone has to rest for two weeks or be isolated and quarantined, if not in a critical condition, the best place to go is neither a hospital nor a sanatorium, but they should stay home.

The less crowded hospitals, the faster we can overcome coronavirus. We should go to the hospital where it is necessary and occupy the hospital bed when necessary, and occupy the ICC bed when absolutely necessary.

Our primary goal in this campaign is to reduce the number of deaths and infections, to treat those infected with more ease, and to stop it from becoming dangerous.

Another issue that was emphasised during this meeting was that the group in need of equipment, such as masks, gloves and special clothing, are the top priority of the medical staff present in the hospitals.

Where masks, gloves and food are produced and are working day and night, workers and engineers must be protected. All of them must be healthy. We must disinfect the environment, we should do whatever is necessary to make the production system be normal.

I said at a meeting that the conspiracy of the Anti-Revolution, the documents of which was later sent by the Ministry of Intelligence in detail, is to make work and economic activity shut down in Iran and we must stop them from reaching their goal.

So far, a report by the Honourable Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces indicates that their 3,000 hospital beds are ready and can be expanded. Many of these beds are now vacant and ready for admission.

At the meeting, the Chief of Staff discussed the issue of mobile hospitals, with 7 mobile hospitals now operational and up to 20 mobile hospitals able to be so wherever necessary.

Another issue raised here was the cyberspace and the many abuses that occur in this space and some of the offenses and the like. Here we agreed on a framework for punishing the offenders that is the minimum punishment we have adopted at this meeting for the time being.

Another issue that was discussed was the issue of higher education. At the previous meeting, we discussed and decided on the education system and a plan put forward by the honourable Minister of Education was discussed and approved.

We have not still discussed the start of the New Year activities for after the holidays. We will discuss it next week because it is still a little early, let's move on to the next week and see what happens in that situation and we'll decide.

In this meeting, we emphasised the need to produce more healthcare requirements, especially alcohol, and the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade was present at the meeting and we emphasised that it should be looked into.

At this meeting, a topic was raised about those dear guests who travelled to Iran as pilgrims from other countries, some of whom were probably infected and some were healthy. We decided to treat those who need it and if necessary, one or two mobile hospitals will be dedicated.

In conclusion, I can say at the end that today we all have more hope than before, and I want see that hope raised again in the next meeting, which will be on Tuesday, and that we can achieve this within a short period of time.

Happy New Year to our dear and good people, may the blessings of the Great Prophet of Islam, birthday of the beloved Imams be happy for everyone, and the Almighty bring about health for our people and all human beings around the world. Inshallah.

Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

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