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President while videoconferencing with traffic police headquarters, health centres, and hygiene products factories:

Best thing to do today is to quickly treat patients/ Hard times pass; devotions to remain in minds/ Attempting to overcome COVID-19 best competition/ Stressing production quality of hospitals' essential needs

President spoke with governor-generals of three provinces, traffic police information and control headquarters, three hospitals and health centres in Khorasan Razavi, Golestan and Semnan Province, as well as a factory producing disposable hospital textures and masks through videoconferencing and was briefed on the measures taken to treat coronavirus patients and implementing health protocols.

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Fri 20 - März 2020 - 15:07

In the meetings that took place on 9:00 am after the turn of the New Year, President Hassan Rouhani spoke with Samen ul-Aeme Hospital and congratulated the New Year to the medical staff, saying, "Today, your efforts to treat COVID-19 patients is very important and valuable and all of us are grateful to you".

Speaking with one of the patients in the hospital, Dr Rouhani asked about the services given to the patients and their treatment, wishing all patients full health.

"In today's conditions, the best thing to do is saving patients and treating them quickly, and the donators' move in helping hospitals and equipping them is very valuable," he said.

The president also talked with Mehr Healthcare Centre in Semnan and the Governor-General of Semnan Province and was briefed by them on the measures taken in the hospitals for treating the patients and also for controlling the outbreak of coronavirus.

Speaking with one of the nurses in the hospital and asked them about people's cooperation with the Coronavirus Screening Scheme, saying, "I am very happy that your efforts for differentiating healthy people from patients have been successful".

"These hard times pass, but these devotions and self-sacrifice will always remain in history and people's minds," he said.

He continued, "There are moments that do not have a sweet face, like war, but after that they turn into a sweet memory and will remain in our minds until the end of one's life".

 Dr Rouhani also spoke Baftsan texture production factory in Malayer and was briefed by the CEO on the production of disposable hospital textures and masks, saying, "Your activities are very important. In these days when hospitals need your products more than before, the significance of your activities becomes more prominent".

He said, "Attempting to overcome the coronavirus crisis today, is the best competition and this is where we must try to overtake each other".

"I hope that after these hard days end, we will be able to introduce the province that announces first that it is clear of coronavirus as the most hard-working province," said Rouhani.

The President also spoke with Governor-General of Hamedan Province and said, "The fact that there is a decreasing number in travelers means that people are cooperating with the government and they are controlling coronavirus by staying home".

 Speaking with a labourer in the factory, Dr Rouhani said, "Your work is very valuable, and your production today is what the society needs and the quality and quantity of this production is important for us".

President Rouhani also spoke with the Chief of Traffic Police and congratulated the New Year to all police personnel in the entire country and received a report on the traffic on roads.

"Today, we have reached a very good point because other countries that have moblised all their army and police forces, have not been able to reduce traffic on their roads to this much amount," said Rouhani.

"The shows that the understanding people of our country are fighting coronavirus with their help and cooperation, and hopefully, road casualties will be very low this year," the president said.

At the end, President Rouhani spoke with Shams o-Shomus Hospital of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran located in Khorasan Razavi, saying, "We are very happy that our armed forces at the borders are safe and sound and a small number of them have been infected by the virus".

Wishing success for the hospital staff, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran wished a happy new year for the armed forces and the entire Iranian nation.

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