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President felicitates Nowruz to Supreme Leader

President Rouhani spoke with the Supreme Leader of the Revolution by telephone and congratulated him on the arrival of New Year and Nowruz 1399.

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Fri 20 - März 2020 - 12:17

In the phone call that took place right after the beginning of the New Year, President Hassan Rouhani wished the Supreme Leader health and long life, stressing that despite the enemies' plots, the government will attempt to turn year 1399 to the year of tackling problems and inaugurating major projects to create prosperity with people's help in economic and cultural fields.

He also expressed hope that with the help of Imam Mahdi (AS) and people's support, we will overcome the problems and hardships as we did last year, and coronavirus is overcome, starting a year full of health, activity and economic prosperity, as well as better life for people.

At the same phone call, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution congratulated the New Year to the President and the great Iranian nation, wishing the government more opportunities for serving the country and people.


Code: 114332

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