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Dr Rouhani in a phone call with President of Gilan University of Medical Sciences:

Devotion of country's medical staff to stay in Iranian nation's memory forever/ We must all be actively involved in 'we stay home' campaign

President had a phone call with the President of Gilan University of Medical Sciences on Tuesday and was briefed by the latest situation in the province regarding the outbreak of coronavirus and the treatment process of the patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

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In the phone call, President said, "The current devotion of the country's medical staff will always remain in the Iranian nation's memory".

 "Whatever is needed for treating the disease and confronting its outbreak will be produced inside the country or imported from other countries," said Dr Rouhani.

He continued, "We must all be active in the 'we stay home' campaign and I hope that our noble and understanding people, who have always overcome all problems together, will refrain from travelling during Nowruz holidays".

Describing the capabilities and expertise of the Iranian medical staff exceptional in the region and the world, he said that the implementation of Ministry of Health's screening scheme in different provinces was very important.

President Rouhani also said, "As I announced yesterday, the government is not on holiday during Nowruz holidays and all authorities will be busy serving people".

"I am going to use this opportunity to emphasise that if you encountered a problem in providing services to people and supplying the needs of the medical staff in these days, immediately inform the related authorities, especially the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus," he said.

Code: 114273

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