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President at the session of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

Figures on fighting COVID-19 promising; I still suggest people to stay home/ Thanking Supreme Leader, military forces/ Ministries of health, interior to control people for fever from tomorrow on selected roads

Appreciating the non-stop work of all medical staff in the country in fighting coronavirus, President described the numbers and figures regarding fighting COVID-19 promising and said, "Figures are promising but I still suggest people to stay at home, and in case of urgency, observe all  health protocols".

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Mon 16 - März 2020 - 12:40

Speaking on Monday at the session of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, President Hassan Rouhani said, "The ministries of Health and Interior are controlling people for fever from tomorrow on roads that they are going to announce".

Parts of President Hassan Rouhani's remarks is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Once again, I would like to thank the medical staff of the country for doing such a great job. The report presented at the beginning of the meeting was promising.

A public mobilisation has been done, good work is being done in the country, checking families by phone or through the cyberspace is very valuable, and we hope that we will get great results.

Overall, the figures presented at the meeting are promising, but again in line with the Ministry of Health's recommendation, I once again recommend the dear and respected people to "stay at home".

We hope that what has been said at this meeting, based on the figures, the peak of the disease has passed but I still suggest people to stay at home, and in case of urgency, observe all health protocols.

Here again I emphasise that the Supreme Leader was kind to designate a headquarters that is headed by the General Staff of the Armed Forces, and we thank both him and all the armed forces who have always been at the forefront of overcoming hardships.

This is a great help to the country and the people, and I am very grateful to all the medical staff in the country, the health and medical service of the Armed Forces, as well as the dear commanders of the Armed Forces who organise and execute this operation.

Also, the law enforcement is very active these days, and we see our dear police and personnel everywhere, at all levels and with all the expertise, and sometimes they may not even have the equipment they need to protect themselves, but they still have an active presence.

I would like to thank all the dear governor-generals who are attending this meeting today, and those who are attending our meeting via videoconferencing.

Our dear governor-generals bear a heavy burden with the respected chancellors of medical universities, and as all the provinces have made a collective effort to defeat this dangerous virus, these efforts will continue.

This meeting recommends all people not to leave the house and not travel, and to follow all health guidelines and protocols if there is an urgency.

I call on respected business owners and employees, both in government and the private sector who are present and active these days, to follow health guidelines and protocols.

What the Ministries of Health and the Interior have coordinated with each other and they will announce tomorrow, they are controlling people for fever from tomorrow on roads.

We also ask dear people to cooperate with all the executive orders, and they are told that continuing with their travel is harmful for them and the other people on the way.

So, all of this is to help us get past the conditions that the virus has created for us faster and return to a fully healthy society.

At the meeting, we made other important decisions in terms of advertising, controlling the cyberspace, coordination among the media, organs and media outlets, and the responsibilities that they should have.

People who are active in cyberspace should be warned about some points, some things need to be dealt with in which the Cyber Police is active.

The media should help the society to expedite the process of overcoming these conditions by raising awareness.

I congratulate the New Year time to you in advance and wish all the those who are in the hospitals a speedy recovery, but of course we will continue to be with the people and serve the people, and will talk to them at a time through the end of the year.

I advise the very dear people to exercise patience. They have always been patient throughout history, and today's situation is a different one, and it is our cooperation and harmony that leads us to results sooner.

God willing, the end of our year is marked with the cooperation of our beloved nation and all health staff, and the beginning of our year is marked with victory over this dangerous virus, and I wish all the best for the year 1399 as the year of happiness, effort and work for all our dear people.

Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

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