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President following the joint session of Gov't Economic Headquarters and private sector representatives:

People's essential, health, medical needs available/ Gov't Economic Headquarters' key decisions to back businesses, people during fight against coronavirus

President stressed that the reference for making decisions about any kind of limitation is merely the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus in Tehran, ruling out some recent rumours about Tehran and other cities' quarantine scheme, adding, "All we are trying to do is for people to stay at home more and do not gather anywhere, or at least if something should be done, it must be within the framework of health protocols".

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Sun 15 - März 2020 - 14:47

Speaking on Sunday following the joint session of the Government's Economic Headquarters and private sector representatives, President Hassan Rouhani said, "I assure people that the health and medical needs, as well as their essential and basic needs have been supplied and the government will support lower-income businesses and classes as much as it can".

President Hassan Rouhani's speech at the meeting is as follows:

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

At today's meeting, which was attended by members of the government's economic staff and representatives of the private sector and the Chamber of Guilds, we discussed the economic issues related to the current situation and the impact of coronavirus on some businesses.

First of all, the decision and emphasis was that economic conditions and trends, people's engagement and economic activities should be normal and we must not let any problems caused in the economic activities, despite the fact that we are facing coronavirus, and that we should consider health-related protocols.

Of course, these situations have naturally created problems for some businesses, and at this meeting we sought to help those facing problems.

The second point is that we have no quarantine whatsoever in Tehran or in some cities, some shops, or some businesses; there is no such thing; neither today, nor during the Nowruz holidays or after that.

Everyone is free in their business. Government services will also be provided to people as usual, but all we are trying to do is for people to stay at home more and do not gather anywhere, or at least if something should be done, it must be within the framework of health protocols.

I also emphasise that the reference for the closure or restrictions of a particular business is merely the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus in Tehran. No province, local government, and health sector have the right to make decisions in any way.

Such restrictions, and any restrictions that may be needed to make, are decided solely at the National Task Force in Tehran.

Another important point that was emphasised at the meeting was making sure that people were provided with the goods they needed, whether healthcare needs or their daily lives and consumer goods. We have enough reserves in these fields and the necessary purchases have been made and our ports are now full of commodities, and if anything requires new ordering and purchasing, the Central Bank will supply it.

The next point is that we are negotiating with our neighbouring countries for people's travel, especially for transporting goods across borders, in line with the health protocols we agree to within the protocols that the World Health Organisation has put in place. Our Foreign Ministry is also active in this area.

At today's meeting, we made two types of decisions, one of which regarding the businesses that are under most pressures at the time, which may be closed now or where there is little or no activity. In fact, some kind of support was needed.

Regarding taxes, we made good decisions to give them a three-month tax break and the rules we decided on taxes may be announced tomorrow because there are some issues that we need to make decisions about tomorrow at the National Task Force.

But this three-month tax break will be certain, and in the area of ​​healthcare, our private sector will be able to provide the necessary supplies and equipment, all of which will be exempt from tax.

The second point is about the instalments that people have to pay to banks. These instalments will be postponed for three months.

With regard to the cheques that are likely to be returned in the next two to three months due to business conditions, those who are debtors will have to pay their debt later in a form, and we made no decision in this regard, but there used to be some banking restrictions before where if someone's check was returned, banks would set limits on them, which we generally removed for these three months.

Regarding employer's share of premiums, we decided that for this quarter, it is not required for those whose premiums are delayed and that they do not have to pay the premium the following month.

As previously stated, we decided that people can postpone their water, electricity and gas bills, municipal tolls, and the debt they will have in these three months.

Two other issues were discussed, one for people who have very low incomes and are under pressure, and their conditions are becoming worse in these days. For example, pedlars who used to work temporarily for a few months. For these three million people whose list are in our hands, four support packages will be given to them.

The first support package will be paid by the end of the week before the start of the new year and the other three will be paid in the spring.

For the 4 million families who are usually in trouble at this time, other than the 3 million living in difficult conditions, the 4 million who are affected by these conditions will receive between 1 million and 2 million tomans of loan, which will be a very low interest rate loan.

In the end, I would like to emphasise to the dear and noble people that it is true that these days are hard days, our jobs are also experiencing hardships, people are also having hardships in their lives, but I assure them of their health and medical needs, as well as the essential goods for their lives, and the government will, as far as possible, provide support to the people I just announced.

I hope our people can continue to live their normal lives and business by following all the health guidelines. God will help our people in these days of the end of the year, God willing, and we will pass through this difficult time.

Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

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