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President at the session of following up, coordination and supporting national measures for fighting coronavirus:

Today's society's key need calmness with precise information/ We need to calm society with timely, accurate and explicit information on coronavirus/ Media must not let coronavirus turn into bipolar, factional issue

President Hassan Rouhani met with members of his office, advisers and vice presidents in a session aimed at following up, coordination and supporting national measures for fighting coronavirus and social and media follow-up on Saturday.

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Sat 14 - März 2020 - 12:03

During the meeting, which was attended by the President's Chief of Staff, advisors and vice-presidents, various issues, especially the media campaign against coronavirus, were discussed.

Dr Rouhani emphasised the need for accurate, clear and transparent information in the fight against coronavirus, and said, "The main need of the society today is calmness with focus on accurate information and increased public participation along with recommendations and actions taken to fight coronavirus".

The president said that today, some are seeking to undermine the mental well-being of society, saying, "We are committed to show the sincere and dedicated efforts of the country's medical staff, which has so far saved many lives and prevented further outbreak of disease, alongside the criticisms and shortcomings".

Dr Rouhani added, "What is fair is that all media and political figures and related officials focus on giving clear, timely and accurate information to the society to counter gossips".

The President also appreciated the hard work of the media and reporters in various media, including visual, audio and written media, saying, "The media plays an important role in this regard and should work hard not to let a bipolar and factional atmosphere prevail in the society".

Dr Rouhani said that no country in the world could address this widespread outbreak under sanctions and maximum pressure, adding, "Is it fair and professional to use information with the aim of defacing the government in times of crisis, even at the cost of human life?".

"Fair and professional information in these situations means to employ all media techniques and capacities to enhance public participation with the government in the fight against the disease, to enhance the spirits of the nation's servants in these circumstances, especially the country's health and medical staff," continued the President.

He added, "What's wrong for the media to explain to the public that its government's capabilities and actions against coronavirus have been excellent so far in the face of extreme US pressure and the inhumane effects of sanctions?".

Stating that all countries in the world are now coping with the disease, but our conditions are different from theirs, Dr Rouhani said, "However, the difference is that the actions taken have been acceptable".

Code: 114208

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