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President at the session of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

Doctors, nurses, medical staff have heavy burden; we appreciate their efforts/ Thanking Supreme Leader for ordering Armed Forces to activate their health centres/ Stressing abstinence from travelling during Nowruz holidays

The National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus was held on Saturday through videoconferencing with President taking part, and the Minister of Health and Medical Education and other members presented reports on their efforts in curbing the outbreak of the virus.

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Sat 14 - März 2020 - 16:10

During the session, Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education Dr Alireza Raeesi presented a report on the screening scheme of the ministry to collect information from families throughout the country and said, "With the activation of the screening system, patients from all families throughout the country will be identified and directed towards health centres".

He also said that 1200 specialised health centres have been activated in the country for treating COVID-19 patients.

After receiving the reports by members, President Hassan Rouhani once again appreciated the hard work and devotion of doctors, nurses and medical staff, who have a heavy burden on their shoulders, "People are relying on you to bring health from God to them".

He also went on to appreciate the Supreme Leader for ordering the Armed Forces to activate their health and treatment facilities, saying, "Since the day the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus was formed, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff, the IRGC, the Army, and the Police have participated in the sessions regularly, and with Supreme Leader's order to activate the Armed Forces health and treatment facilities, the Armed Forces will be at people's service better".

Referring to the report provided by the Deputy Minister of Health and Medical Education regarding the screening system to fight COVID-19, and that 97 per cent out of millions of peoples who have been questioned have not had any symptoms, Dr Rouhani said, "This is very promising that healthy people and patients are identified quickly and those infected will be forwarded to health centres for treatment".

 Responding to Minister of Health's proposal to approve traffic control in 11 provinces around the country, President described it effective for controlling the disease and said, "We must be careful to identify all control points in these provinces and controlling teams act in a way that no traffic is created on roads and people are informed beforehand".

In response to a proposal by health minister to impose fines on those with symptoms of illness who travel to and from the provinces, Dr Rouhani said, "These people may not be aware of their illness, therefore, returning them back and sending them to hospital for treatment is enough".

In response to statements by the Minister of Health on the need to restrict mausoleums and holy shrines, the President said, "I am confident that the custodians of holy places in various cities across the country sufficiently care about people's health and will implement the Task Force's instructions in the final days of the year and during Nowruz holidays".

Dr Rouhani added, "We all wish to make pilgrimage to holy shrines, but they will respond to us from wherever we do this. In today's situation, religious acts must be in full compliance with health principles".

The President responded to the report of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology on the necessity of carrying out administrative and public affairs through electronic means, saying, "Anything that reduces the need for people to go to offices is good, and this can lead to the strengthening of e-government".

At the end of the session, Dr Rouhani expressed hope that we could overcome this situation as soon as possible, and wished all patients swift recovery.

The president also said, "We will also look closely at economic issues caused by coronavirus in a meeting on Sunday".

The next meeting of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus is scheduled to be held on Monday this week with President Rouhani chairing the session.

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