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At president's order;

3 support packages to be provided to low-income families whose businesses affected by coronavirus outbreak/ Economic task force's Sunday meeting to be chaired by Dr Rouhani/ 3m families eligible to receive support packages

After receiving a report by the Task Force for Managing the Economic Impacts of Coronavirus Outbreak on low-income classes and those whose businesses have been affected by the outbreak of the virus, President ordered provision of three support packages to "low-income classes whose businesses have been badly affected near the New Year".

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Thu 12 - März 2020 - 21:58

It is estimated that 3 million Iranian families will be eligible for receiving the support packages.

Based on the instructions issued by President Hassan Rouhani to Plan and Budget Organisation and Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare, the first support package will be given to the eligible people who have been identified by the database until the end of the current Iranian month of Esfand (March 19).

The two remaining support packages will be provided from the beginning of next year.

Plan and Budget Organisation has been tasked with providing the credit and funds for this purpose.

The next meeting of the Task Force for Managing the Economic Impacts of Coronavirus Outbreak will be chaired by President Rouhani on Sunday with related ministries and chiefs of Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Guilds.

The Task Force for Managing the Economic Impacts of Coronavirus Outbreak, which has been formed at President's order, is holding regular meetings to look into the economic problems and damages caused by the outbreak of coronavirus on the country's economy to address them and prepare compensation policies to be presented to the President and the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus.


Code: 114193

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