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Dr Rouhani at the session of National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus:

Efforts must step up for resolving medical staff's problems, needs/ Iranian nation won't forget doctors and nurses' devotion/ Emphasising the necessity and importance of trust and empathy between people and Government

The National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus convened on Saturday in a session that was chaired by the President and attended by ministers and officials of relevant agencies, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and the Prosecutor General.

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At the session, Dr Hassan Rouhani praised the doctors, nurses, medical staff and personnel of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education for combatting the disease and providing services to the people, adding, "Doctors, nurses and medical staff at hospitals are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus these days".

The President said, "Certainly, maintaining their physical and mental health is the most important issue to consider and there is a need to provide the necessary support to them to address their problems and needs and strengthening the healthcare staff by all government bodies".

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "The Iranian nation will certainly never forget the self-sacrifice and devotion of doctors and nurses, and their efforts will be remembered by the people".

Referring to the importance of trust and empathy between the people and the government, the president said, "Creating transparency and enhancing public confidence and informing people about processes, opportunities, policies and planning is very important in addressing coronavirus. Therefore, emphasis must be put on providing transparency and timely distribution of information and reports".

Expressing dissatisfaction over the failure by some to comply with some of the recommendations made by the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, he said, "Success in controlling coronavirus in short term requires full cooperation of the people and the executive agencies with the Task Force. Therefore, I urge the public that everyone should be careful and avoid unnecessary commuting and travelling".

The President also thanked the good progress of equipping laboratories, adding, "According to the statistics and information provided by different provinces, the number of laboratories should be expanded accordingly".

While criticising the lack of easy access to sanitation and disinfection, Dr Rouhani urged the Ministry of Health and Medical Education to come up with a well-timed plan to address this problem.

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