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President visiting wounded war veteran Rasoul Sajjad:

Iranian people resisting enemies' plots with the same bravery as first days of revolution/ Thanking veteran's family

President referred to the bravery of people and veterans during the 8-year Sacred Defence and said, "In the current economic war, people are bearing the pressure and they are resisting the enemies' plots with the same bravery and resistance as the first days of the revolution".

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Thu 20 - Februar 2020 - 00:25

President Hassan Rouhani visited wounded war veteran with 70 per cent disability Rasoul Sajjad and talked with him in a cordial atmosphere.

He also appreciated him and the family of the veteran for their efforts.

In the meeting that Vice-President and Head of Martyrs and Veterans' Affairs Foundation was taking part, a plaque of appreciation was given to the veteran.

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