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President in a meeting with Martyr Akrami's family:

Martyrdom a high position not anyone can achieve/ People put heavy responsibility on the elected person's shoulders

President Rouhani visited the house of Martyr Seyyed Mehdi Akrami on Wednesday evening and met with his parents.

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Dr Rouhani said in the meeting, "Martyrdom is a high place that not anyone can achieve and all people and the revolution owe a great deal to the family of martyrs".

He continued, "We all pray to the Almighty to be able to serve people in these hard times".

Stating that in the history, only a few countries have been under this much pressure and sanctions of the enemies, he said, "Fortunately, our resistant people have resisted all these threats and pressures".

Referring to the upcoming parliamentary elections, the President continued, "In different elections, people put a heavy responsibility on the elected person's shoulders".

In the meeting that Vice-President and Head of Martyrs and Veterans' Affairs Foundation was taking part, a plaque of appreciation was given to the family of the martyr.

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