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President at ceremony for praising top 33rd Khwarizmi International Award winners:

Teaching and learning the basis for humankind’s move towards perfection/ We’re among the top counties in scientific growth/ Science, knowledge bring about welfare/ Islam considers no boundary for science

President described teaching and learning the basis for the humankind’s move towards perfection, saying, "We are among the top countries in the world in scientific growth”.

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Mon 17 - Februar 2020 - 09:32

Speaking on Monday morning at ceremony for praising the top winners of the 33rd Khwarizmi International Award, President Hassan Rouhani said, "We must distance from a bipolar atmosphere in all fields to see Iran’s progress in science and knowledge more than ever”.

Parts of President Hassan Rouhani’s address are as follows:

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

I am very happy to see this important scientific festival in these very happy days of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the atmosphere of people's readiness to attend the elections. We are honoured that in today's society, scholars and thinkers are working to advance science. All human value is to move and strive in the current conditions and pass on the new conditions to the next generation.

What our ancestors have done for us is the result of many centuries or thousands of years of human history, and what we see today as science, knowledge, and different sciences is the result of centuries and years of attempts by scholars and scientists.

It is science and knowledge that bring about welfare. If we define art in one sense in science and knowledge and consider science, knowledge and research as the mother of technology, in fact, the greatest advantage of human beings is that he learns and can teach others.

Teaching and learning are the basis for humankind’s move towards perfection. If we are to create the atmosphere in which our young people are passionate about research and science in new technologies, we need to make the right atmosphere for it; that is to create the necessary ecosystem.

The Prophet of Islam (PBUH) did the same thing. When he was given the mission, science was not essentially a privilege, reading and writing was not a privilege. Nobody was honoured because of their science. So, in the society of the time of the Prophet (PBUH), teaching and learning in the mosque became superior to praying.

Learning knowledge and educating people is sometimes higher than years of worshipping and praying. At a time when ethnicity was so important that if one told an Arab to go to a place where there was not an Arab to learn something, he would not accept such a thing whatsoever.

No, in such a society where this is so important to them, the Prophet (PBUH) says learn science wherever in the world it is, even in China, which means that he does not consider a boundary for it.

Today, one of the honours of the Islamic Revolution is the statistics on the progress of science in the country. This means that if we compare the figures to 41 years ago, we see that the society has is progressing with a high speed with regard to the number of students, scientific and research centres and science and technology parks.

Iran has a good progress on its way to growth and knowledge. All figures show that our conditions today are better than 2 year and 4 year ago.

The fact that the Minister of Science, Research and Technology says that our innovation level has improved 59 steps in the Government of Prudence and Hope means that the path of the revolution, people and researchers has been correct.  

Whatever pressures and problems because of sanctions and pressures may be, -of course, if sanctions were not in place- we would certainly have had better conditions, but at the same time, we did not lose our path under the pressures and sanctions.

The number of science and technology parks has increased from 36 in year 1393 to 43 in year 1398. This is acceptable for us as well.

We are one of the top countries in the world in scientific development and this means acceptable work of universities and scientific centres in our Islamic Iran

It was very good news for me when the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade just recently wrote to me that since the end of year 1397, we have domestically produced a total of €1.2 billion of the parts we used to import for our industry.

The Minister of Health and Medical Education said to me that over the past year, $500 million of our imports of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment have declined due to manufacturing them domestically.

Therefore, we have this ability to improve these. Universities should have an atmosphere of science, not a bipolar one; science and knowledge must not be divided between factions.

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