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Through videoconferencing;

Water and electricity industry projects in Tehran province start operation at Dr Rouhani’s order

Projects for Tehran's water and electricity industry inaugurated at President's order through videoconferencing.

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Tue 28 - Januar 2020 - 10:26

Dr Hassan Rouhani issued the order of opening of several projects across Tehran province through videoconferencing on Tuesday.

Two rural water supply projects with an investment value of 54.8 billion tomans, including water supply to 72 villages throughout the province, with a 2-km transfer line, as well as other projects were opened at Dr Rouhani’s order.

In addition, three renewable power plant projects, including the 10 MW Shahr-e-Rey City solar power plant, the 2.7 MW Shahr-e-Rey City solar power plant, and Damavand's 8.4 MW solar power plant with an investment value of 127 billion tomans, were among the projects.

Code: 113591

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