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President at the end of visit to Sistan and Baluchistan Province:

Good decisions made for reconstructing flood-hit areas made, proper amount of fund allocated/ Damages to be fixed soon with officials’ high spirits

Speaking on Saturday at the end of visit to Sistan and Baluchistan Province, President said, "Good decisions were made for reconstructing flood-hit areas and a proper amount of fund was allocated”.

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Dr Hassan Rouhani added, "All relief forces, including the Red Crescent, the Emergency, the Armed Forces, the IRGC, the Army, Basij and the Crisis Management Task Force mobilised all their facilities for helping people”.

He added, "I am happy that the timely meteorological forecasts were made before the floods and people were given meteorological warnings, which made things easier for provincial authorities and officials to equip themselves”.

"Fortunately, we did not have any casualties," Dr Rouhani said, noting that people took care of themselves and kept themselves alert and out of danger.

The president continued, "Before the flood, all those who were ill and in poor condition were placed in or near medical centres, and these were good measures that began before the crisis and after the province faced floods, provincial officials mobilised their facilities”.

Pointing out that in addition to Sistan and Baluchistan, Hormozgan and Kerman also had problems, Dr Rouhani said, "I would like to appreciate the people and officials of this province who were present with all their abilities”.

The president said that the dams of Sistan and Baluchistan province were able to hold good capacity and flow into the seas, adding, "Today, we saw one of the dams blocking 200 million cubic meters of water”.

"Fortunately, the roads are open and temporarily repaired; some parts have to undergo major reconstructions, and we'll get started soon," Dr Rouhani continued.

The President reiterated, "The dams that are ready, need to be completed sooner and we will provide the necessary credits in this regard".

Dr Rouhani said, "In the field of livestock and farming, where people have had many problems, a large amount of livestock feed has been prepared and made available to the people of these areas”.

The President added, "In the field of communications, according to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, almost all communications facilities that were cut off are temporarily on everywhere, but in some places may require substantial repairs”.

Dr Rouhani pointed out, "Today the Minister of Energy announced that the electricity of all the villages that had been cut off has been connected; however, in the field of water most of the villages facing water shortages will be addressed in the coming days”.

 “I thank the people of this province for their spirits and courage,” the president said, adding that in the places he visited today, people had very high spirits.

Dr Rouhani said, "With this spirit, and with the unity of the respected officials, the Representative of the Supreme Leader, the Governor-General and other officials, I hope that the damage will be fixed soon".

Dr Rouhani said that we have made a fundamental decision regarding residential areas and people's homes, saying, "On this basis we will rebuild unstable houses".

The President added, "There were 14,000 housing units in the area and this decision was made and we are reporting this to the head of the Housing Foundation, so that all of these houses will be temporarily restored and people will live there until they are reconstructed”.

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