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President at the session of CBI General Assembly:

People's hope for the future the key to success/ Today our daily enrichment more than before JCPOA/ An average of 500K jobs a year created in the 11th and 12th governments

The President described people's hope for the future as the key to success and emphasised that the focus of the efforts have always been to promote stability and security and hope for the future, stressing, "The economy is intertwined with security and foreign policy and the government is working hard in all these fields for the welfare of the people and the country”.

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Speaking on Thursday at the 59th Session of the General Assembly of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), Dr Hassan Rouhani said that in the world of politics we must work hard and I have been thinking about foreign policy every day, adding, "As the Chief of the Supreme National Security Council, I take care of security and preventing military encounters on a daily basis. If no daily care is given, the distance between war and peace is only one bullet”.

Referring to the hard days and the many tragedies and hardships over the past two weeks, the President emphasised, "The people have alleviated their sorrows and troubles by their presence and sympathy, and it is the cultural and national characteristics of the Iranian nation”.

Dr Rouhani continued, "The enemies created a situation, overcoming which was not –and will not be- possible without the resistance and steadfastness of an integrated nation".

The president referred to the consequences of assassination of an Iranian military commander by the Americans in the region and the world, saying, "This martyrdom even affected the prices of the currency, oil, and stock markets inside out outside of the country, and influenced the whole region psychologically, intellectually and politically”.

Dr Rouhani noted, "People from Kashmir to Africa sympathised and mourned his General Soleimani’s martyrdom in an unprecedented move”.

"The United States is oppressing and carrying out acts of aggression against all countries around the world, and some may respond with words, but the Islamic Republic of Iran shook their base for one night and kept the Pentagon awake for 24 hours,” he said.

Dr Rouhani said that it was very important that we forced the United States to retreat from their threats, adding, "The US president had said that if Iran responded to the assassination of Gen. Soleimani, 52 important points, including Iran's cultural and historical centres, would be targetted, but when the Islamic Republic of Iran attacks this military base, his tone and program change and he officially pulls back”.

Referring to the tragic crash of the Ukrainian passenger plane that killed 176 dear educated Iranians, the president continued, "A nation was stricken with grief and there was no one in the country who did not sympathise”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised that the Iranian nation will not easily be deviated from its goals, stating, "The Iranian nation is a great nation that chooses its way and stands well. Of course, in the path of resistance, there are injuries and difficulties, which is natural”.

Expressing that a superpower has violated international regulations and officially declared that it wants to fight this system and people, he emphasised, "After the US actions, it became clear for themselves and the world that their programme was completely wrong. And this is not something to be just inferred, but the US President had told leaders of other countries that the Iranian regime would not resist for more than three months with the new sanctions and maximum pressure”.

Referring to the US’ actions against the Islamic Republic of Iran that started since their withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) on May 2018, he said, "Is our nation stronger and stronger against this conspiracy today? Or weaker?”

Dr Rouhani stated that the previous French president, at a private meeting and even in the visit to Paris, told reporters that the six countries were determined to attack Iran in 2013, adding, "The President of France said that after the 2013 election, the situation in Iran cast a doubt and we gave up our decision, and no one in the world denied these remarks”.

The president added, "This was because of the people's attendance in the elections and in this regard they supported the system and the government".

Dr Rouhani said, "In my report 100 days after the government took office, I announced that inflation would become single-digit, and at a meeting of economic officials and economists, they objected, and economists didn't believe this was possible, but the 11th government, made inflation single-digit”.

"The process continued, leading to people's hopes that the issues would be resolved and the problems would be overcome one after the other," the president said.

"The government, the parliament, the leadership and various sections of the constitution have powers that must be exercised within the framework of the constitution; of course, there are complications that we have to consider,” he said.

The president referred to foreign policy as another important issue, saying, "Communication with the outside world and foreign policy are important and we cannot say that everyone is our enemy. One of the tasks that people voted for us was to bring down the tension. To say that the world does not treat us well is not possible. We have to see what we can do and is there a way or not? There are disagreements in this regard”.

He added, "We said we could solve our problems with the IAEA. Some said we were naive, but we said they were not familiar with the complexities and proved that the problems could be solved".

Dr Rouhani said that it is difficult to work with the world, adding, "Some said the other side is unreliable. The easiest way was to quit, but in that case, everybody would say they turned their back on the world”.

Saying that with all the hardships we have proved we can work with the world, Dr Rouhani added, "We reached an international agreement with six countries, and it was endorsed by the United Nations”.

The President added, "One cannot say that Trump's actions are predictable. Neither can we say such things, not in America, Europe, even in the White House can predict what Trump would do”.

Dr Rouhani added, "Those who had previously worked with Trump and who resigned today say they did not know what Trump would decide an hour later”.

 “The economy is intertwined with security and foreign policy,” he said, adding, "The government is working hard in all these fields for the welfare of the people and the country”.

Dr Rouhani went on to point out the unilateral withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA, saying, "Some told us to leave the JCPOA after Trump left, but if we did that, our case would go to the UN and we would be put under international sanctions”.

"But we did not do that, we stayed in place and demanded from the other parties to fulfil their obligations," the president continued, adding, "This was the right thing to do, and forced everyone, even Trump’s friends to condemn his withdrawal”.

The President said, "We called the other governments and talked with them. Of course, the it was very difficult, and in response to the US’ withdrawal from its obligations, we decided to reduce our commitments step by step”.

Dr Rouhani said that today we have no limitations on nuclear energy and that we are in better conditions in terms of our nuclear activities, adding, "Today, we are enriching more than what we did before the JCPOA. Things are not easy, but we realise that the world of politics, security and economics are closely intertwined”.

“Despite the toughest sanctions and pressures, an average of 500,000 jobs a year have been created so far, while the previous government crated 10 to 12 thousand jobs,” he said.

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