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President in a press conference at the end of his visit to Ardabil Province:

Ardabil people always guarded country, state/ Opening huge lorry factory in Ardabil an honour for entire country

President appeared in a press conference on Wednesday evening at the end of his visit to Ardabil Province and described the achievements of the visit.

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Dr Hassan Rouhani congratulated Nurse’s Day and to all nurses throughout the country and said, "The people of this province have displayed their high moral values and being revolutionary at different junctures”.

“I would like to appreciate the sincerity of the people of Azerbaijan region, including East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan and Ardabil,” he said.

On the opening of hundreds of projects during the visit, he said, "Opening three dams that were very important for drinking water and agriculture is very important for the province”.

He described the opening of a huge lorry factory in Ardabil an honour for the entire country, adding, "It is very important for a complex in Ardabil Province to be able to manufacture heavy lorries under the brand name of Chapar”.

“Thank God, the parts that we were supposed to import from other countries but sanctions were implemented on them was built by Iranian engineers and this is very important,” said Rouhani.

The President added, "Over 5 trillion tomans of projects began or started operation in different fields including agriculture, energy, cultural heritage, communications and health”.

Stating that good agreements were made between local officials and banks, he said, "This province has very good potentials in the fields of agriculture, industry, mines and tourism”.

“Serving this province is very important for us and I hope that what we opened today, is a small gift for the great people of this province,” said Rouhani.

On the railway project in the province, he said, "This project is very important for the people of Ardabil Province and can boost tourism and economy”.

Answering a question about the government’s plans for deepening economic relations with the provinces’ neighbouring countries, Dr Rouhani said, "One of the advantages of this province is that it can have good interaction with the neighbouring countries, especially the Republic of Azerbaijan”.

“Tehran-Baku relations, especially since the beginning of the 11th government, have been very close and we have had a lot of meetings with the Azerbaijani President,” he said.

The President continued, "The two governments have had a lot of cooperation with each other and many projects have been approved by both sides. We made very important decisions in the recent visit to Baku. We decided to cooperate in the Caspian Sea and oil and gas resources”.

He referred to the agreements to cooperate in automobile manufacturing and pharmaceuticals and said, "We also made a decision to create a joint industrial park at the border between the two countries”.

“Today, our relations with the Republic of Azerbaijan are very close and we will continue our efforts to deepen these ties. We also agreed to jointly construct the Rasht-Astara railway,” he said.

President Rouhani added, "Within this framework, our railway project will connect Bandar Abbas to Azerbaijan and then to the Black Sea, Russia and Europe, which is very important for us with regard to transit”.

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