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President at the session of Administrative Council of Ardabil Province:

We can overcome all problems by cooperation, coordination, empathy/ Role of nurses very valuable, we must always be grateful to them/ Gov’t responsible to advance infrastructures

Speaking at the session of Administrative Council of Ardabil Province, President said, "I hope that the services that were provided to the brave people of Ardabil Province today will be effective in the provinces’ development”.

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 Dr Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday evening, "The people, scholars, youth and warriors of this province have had an effective role in the country’s developments since the Safavids’ era”.

“Fortunately, there is a very good coordination among all local officials, including the Governor-General, Supreme Leader’s Representative and members of the parliament, and this is very valuable”.

He continued, "We will definitely overcome all problems through cooperation, coordination, and empathy”.

Congratulating the birthday of Her Holiness Zaynab and Nurse’s Day, he said, "The role of nurses is very valuable and we must always be grateful to them”.

Referring to the beginning of year 2020, Dr Rouhani expressed hope that the New Year would bring global peace and prosperity for all people around the world, especially the Iranian nation.

On the opening of projects during the visit to the province, he said, "Fortunately, we are seeing very good and positive developments in the province’s industry sector”.

“Manufacturing lorries by Iranian experts is very valuable,” he said, adding, "In the field of tyre production, a company started operation today that is capable of producing 300,000 tyres, which is a great development”.

The President stated that during the term of the 11th and 12th governments a great effort has been made in the field of mines, saying, "Mines must be handed over to people and professionals, as they are an important part of employment and industry in the country and the province”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to the potentials of Ardabil province in tourism, adding, "Ardabil province is a tourist attraction and there are good attractions especially in the highlands of this province”.

“We must work on the tourism field in this province, because with this capacity, it is not acceptable to have unemployment in this province,” he said.

The President stated that Ardabil province is a very rich province, saying, "Ardabil province has a very good position in terms of geography and it has borders with the Republic of Azerbaijan, and this government has good relations with this country”.

Dr Rouhani stated, "Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan have several big economic projects, including the creation of joint industrial parks, which can make a big development in this province”.

Referring to the Rasht-Astara railway project as another joint project of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan, he said, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has very good relations with most of its neighbours, including Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iraq and other countries”.

Dr Rouhani said, "We have 15 neighbours who have good relations with us except for one or two neighbours, which I hope they will join us".

“The government is responsible to provide infrastructures, and one of these infrastructures is establishing good relations with neighbouring and regional states,” he said.

Referring to his recent visit to Malaysia and attending the quadripartite summit with Qatar, Turkey, and Malaysia, the President said, "At the summit, good agreements were reached between the four countries, which provides infrastructure and could bring about economic development to the countries”.

He said, “If we were in normal conditions without sanctions imposed on us, we would have at least $60 billion in oil revenues this year; therefore, the government is under pressure”.

Stressing that both the nation and the government must work together to overcome these difficult conditions, the president said, "We must either resist the enemies or we must give the most precious diamond in our country which is independence, democracy, Islam, the republic, our national interest and our national security to the enemy”.

Stating that, "I am not a person to lose any chance,” he said, "If all our principles are respected, I will hold a meeting and negotiate, as we have done before. We are not to blame for today’s conditions and we have not violated our commitments. We have not lied to our people and the world. Today, an administration has taken office that is not committed to any agreement and it has even violated commitments with its own friends; it has violated international treaties and withdrawn from international contracts. It bestows a country’s land to the usurper”.

The President said, "We are in a situation where there is no way other than unity. The more the enemies see that we are united and we love each other and we are together, the more they become frustrated”.

The President added, "The Constitution is the legal charter and national covenant for all of us. We all have to move within that framework, and there is no other way”.

Dr Rouhani said "Have no doubt that the enemies who wanted to bring our nation to its knees in year 1397 are disappointed today. They make suggestions for negotiation, and whenever we see that the interests and rights of the nation are being met, we will not hesitate to solve the problems of the people”.

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