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President at the opening ceremony of water projects in Ardabil Province:

Enemies must return from their wrong way; we’re ready whenever they do/ We respect your nation, strongly disapprove of your gov’t but there’s still time to return

President described the goal of the enemies’ conspiracies as undermining the greatness of the Iranian nation and to force them to surrender to their wishes, saying, "The extensive opening of development projects in Iran indicates that the country is on the way to development”.

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Wed 01 - Januar 2020 - 13:26

Speaking on Wednesday at the opening ceremony of water projects in Ardabil Province, President Hassan Rouhani said, "Wherever those who have begun the conspiracy return, we are ready”.

“Those who have violated their commitments must return to the starting point and admit that they had been wrong about the Iranian nation,” he said.

The President also referred to the sanctions and continued, "If it were not for America’s conspiracy against the Iranian nation, our country’s income in the recent 2 years would surpass today’s $100 billion”.

Addressing the Iranian nation’s enemies, he said, "You are not a nation and government superior to the Iranian nation and government; we respect your nation and strongly disapprove of your government, but there is still a chance to return”.

“Despite all these hard conditions, the Iranian nation is a vibrant and hopeful nation and until the day there is this spirit, we will not be defeated and will continue along our path,” he said.

Dr Rouhani referred to the water projects in the province, saying, "This indicates that despite sanctions, we are on the path to development”.

On the opening of different projects in Ardabil Province and other parts of the country, he said, "Water and power are tied not only to development, but also to people’s lives”.

“It is a matter of pride for us that 227 projects have been unveiled in the country in only 6 months,” he said.

The President continued, "A nation’s hard work in the path of development is an important issue. It is true that we have China in Asia with great numbers of projects, but we learn from their efforts in the path of development”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say, "We have to work hard for the development of science, morality and prosperity of Iran”.

He continued, "In Iran, we have been busy with useless competition. Of course, a competition that has good results for people is good, but there is no point in useless competition”.

Referring to figures given by the Governor-General of Ardabil Province regarding the hike in the number of tourists in Meshgin Shahr, he said, "Being able to increase the tourist attractions is very important”.

He also emphasised the significance of employment and investment of the private sector in the province’s tourism industry.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr Rouhani also went on to congratulate the birthday of Her Holiness Zaynab (SA) and said, "She has been a role model for all freedom-seeking and Muslim men and women”.

Dr Rouhani congratulated the beginning of year 2020 to all Christians in Iran and around the world.

The President also appreciated the hard work of the local authorities, commemorating the late Ayatollah Mousavi Ardabili and Ayatollah Meshgini.

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