Wed Feb 21, 2018 20:27:45
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President expressed condolences over police, Basij forces' martyrdom

President Rouhani sent a message of condolences over the martyrdom of 3 police officers and 2 Basij forces in the recent unrest and tasked the Minister of Interior to closely investigate the issue and present a report to the noble Iranian nation.

President in a phone call with police chief:

Insulting protectors of society order, security mustn't be tolerated/Appreciating police wise, powerful management/Expressing condolences to families of martyrs

President Rouhani had a phone call with the chief commander of Law Enforcement Force of Islamic Republic of Iran, Hossein Ashtari, and expressed condolences over the martyrdom of sincere, devoted police officers in the recent unrest, appreciating powerful, wise management by security forces, especially the police, for protecting the country's security.

President in a meeting with Dutch FM:

Tehran welcomes cementing ties with EU, including Netherlands/No obstacle on the path to deepening Iran-Netherlands ties/Iran people rightly believe defence power not negotiable/More effort must be exerted to end war in Yemen

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran expressed satisfaction over the amicable ties and cooperation with the Netherlands and stated: "Tehran welcomes further deepening of ties with the European Union member states, including the Netherlands and seeks to promote these relations to serve the interests of both nations".

President in a cabinet session:

Violence, insult against police not tolerated at all/Appreciating police management, utmost tolerance

In a cabinet session that was chaired by Hassan President Rouhani, the ministers of Interior and Intelligence reported on the recent incidents and the unrest that left police and Basij forces dead.

President in a phone call with his Turkish counterpart:

Astana, Sochi talks for Syria stability, security promising/Cooperation the way to deal with concerns, separatist plots in region

President Rouhani described tripartite cooperation and negotiations of Iran, Turkey and Russia in regional issues, especially in fighting terrorism and resolving the Syrian crisis positive and effective and underscored further work and more Tehran-Ankara-Moscow cooperation until a desired goal is reached.

President arrives in Tehran

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran arrived in Tehran from New Delhi minutes ago to end his three-day visit to India.

At the end of President Rouhani's official visit to India;

Tehran, New Delhi issue joint statement stressing development of inclusive ties

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of India issued a joint statement and vowed to increase the current level of interaction between the two countries in all fields of mutual interest.

President Rouhani in a meeting with the Parsis in India:

All Iranians must work hard to build a more prosperous Iran/Welcoming investment by Iranians residing oversees

President Rouhani called on all Iranians residing outside the country to invest and transfer their knowledge and technology to their country to build a more prosperous, more glorious Iran.

Dr Rouhani in a meeting with Indian VP, senate chairman:

Tehran-New Delhi ties serving interests of the two nations, region, against no country/Emphasising the role of parliaments in deepening Tehran-New Delhi cooperation

The president referred to the history of Iran-India relations as a source of closeness and cooperation, stressing: "History and cultural commonalities are a great asset for the relations between governments and parliaments that must be taken advantage of".

President addressing India's Observer Research Foundation experts:

Many dangerous actions in history due to action without intellectual backing/If US violates JCPOA commitments, their gov't, nation will regret it/Bargaining after signing an agreement ridiculous; one mustn't mistake politics with business

Stating that the United States is not dealing with Iran or the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but with public opinion of the world and violating its commitments, President Rouhani  said: "The US must not mistake the world of politics with the world of business and if it violates the JCPOA, both its government and nation will regret it".

Dr Rouhani at the end of the ceremony of signing pacts between Iran and India:

Using all cooperation capacities in favour of both nations, region/ Iran welcomes cementing cultural, commercial, economic, academic ties with India

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Prime Minister of India emphasised the will of the two countries to consolidate and further develop ties between Tehran and New Delhi, and described taking advantage of all capacities for cooperation beneficial for the two nations and peoples of the region.

President in a meeting with the Prime Minister of India:

Tehran welcomes deepening ties with New Delhi in all fields/Iran-India ties not to the detriment of any country/We are ready for trilateral, multilateral pacts/Iran can provide India's required energy in long-term strategic contracts

President Rouhani described deepening historical friendships between the Iranian and Indian nations in all cultural, economic and commercial fields as the responsibility of the officials of the two countries, stressing: "The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes deepening ties with New Delhi, as a friend country in the region, in all fields of mutual interest".

In the presence of Iranian President and Indian PM;

Tehran, New Delhi sign 15 pacts

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of India signed 15 documents and memoranda of understanding to deepen relations.

President in a meeting with Indian FM:

Iran considers no limitation in deepening inclusive ties with India/Tehran welcomes more active presence of Indian firms in Iranian market

The President described Tehran-New Delhi relations growing and developing and stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers no limitation in deepening inclusive ties with India and welcomes any initiative aimed at cementing these ties.