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Thursday 27 November 2014 - 13:51
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President Congratulates Suriname on Independence Day

President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday felicitated President Dési Bouterse on Suriname's Independence Day, and wished prosperity and success for the Surinamese government and nation.

Iran – Russia Presidents’ phone talk;

Dr.Rouhani: The era of sanction is over / Putin:Only more time could lead to signing nuclear agreement

President Hassan Rouhani late Monday in a telephone conversation with Russian President discussed bilateral relations and cooperation on phone talk.

President in a TV interview:

Iranian nation will continue seriously till achieving a final comprehensive agreement / sanctions on Iran will not bear fruit

President here Monday, stressed that future is bright and the Iranian nation will be the eventual winner of nuclear negations, which will continue seriously till achieving a final comprehensive agreement.

President at the joint meeting of the heads of the three branches of government:

Nuclear agreement accessible if other party avoids adventurism

President Hassan Rouhani said in Tehran on Wednesday that if the parties in talks with Iran have necessary political will for agreement and avoid any adventurism, the condition will be ripe for clinching a final agreement.

President Congratulates Omani Sultan on National Day

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday felicitated Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said on Oman's National Day, and wished prosperity and success for the Omani government and nation.

President's message to the opening of a national seminar on moderation

President Hassan Rouhani said the contemporary man is frustrated with extremism.


Iran tends to become a great scientific resource in the world

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran was seeking to become a global scientific and research resource.

President in a meeting with Venezuelan foreign minister:

Emphasis on increasing the level of Tehran- Caracas economic cooperation

President Hassan Rouhani stating that Iran and Venezuela share a common stance in regional and international issues, said Iran and Venezuela’s friendship is because of their views on global issue, thus, the bonding and friendship will continue forever.